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Desktop Confessional

Pick me ups.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I am blogging to un-stone myself.

I did two CD reviews today- Michael Learns to Rock and Nu Virgos, which is a band of 3 porn stars trying to be singers basically. Songs include titles like Who's Your Daddy? or something along those incestual lines (it is thaaat forgettable). Their album title was "STOP! STOP! STOP!" and they are also known in Russia as V.I.A.Gra which THEY say stands for Vocal Instrumental Assemble and 'gra' is Russian for 'game'. WTF does that mean?! It would have been more believable if they just said they were talentless and are relying on their sex appeal, which they have in abundance. And this is how they look like:

I want to give myself a pat on the back for actually spinning the CD and painfully listening to them, instead of just plagiarizing some review from Amazon. How's that for journalistic ethics.

An iPod seems to be on the Christmas list of many bloggers, I noticed. So I'm not going to say that I want one too ... although I would really, really like one, mini or otherwise. But no, it's over a thousand ringgit and to have someone spend that much on me feels wrong somehow. So what I want for Xmas are these:

  • Christmas cards. REAL, physical cards NOT e-cards.
  • BIG box of strawberries, as seen in Jusco 1 Utama a few months ago. And I'm still wanting it. That's how far a fetish will go for me.
  • Voucher to take my digital photos to be developed, because I have a lot and they all mean so much to me.
  • A new organizer, or a refill. Depending which one I see first.
  • Bags, one for college i.e big, roomy, able to store my big ass digicam; and another for girly night outs and dates.

    Compared to lists of the past which included items like "a kingdom to rule with an iron fist", this one seems pretty modest.

    I'm going to watch Phantom of the Opera tomorrow and I'm excited because my dad used to play the soundtrack ALL THE TIME when I was younger and I now subconsciously know most of the songs by heart. My dad's so into musicals that if he wasn't married I'd swear he was gay. These were some of stuff I was forced to sit down to because my dad kept raving on and on about it:

  • Fiddler on the Roof ("If I was a rich man, da da da bla bla gibberish")
  • Oklahoma! (fell alseep watching this)
  • The Sound of Music (hur hur. Take your pick and I'll sing it)
  • Oliver ("Who will buy this beautiful morning?")
  • Grease! (this I absolutely loved. "We go together like, du bee du bee gibberish")
  • Mary Poppins ("A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!")
  • Cats ("Memoryyyyyyyyyyy. All alone in the mooooooooonlight..")
  • Jesus Christ Superstar (um. I don't remember this one, except that there were alot of dramatics)

    It is no wonder he gets a bit stricken when he hears Nelly's Hot In Here and changes to Light & Easy, which I unfortunately add, that I know every song they play as well because their songlist reads like my dad's CD collection.

    1. Blogger Maggie said:

      Do blog about the movie... for the benefit of the poor people (namely moi) stuck in places with no cinemas (like Manipal) and who won't be back in time to catch it on the big screen.

    1. Blogger xman said:

      haha that Nu Virgos look familiar lah - i was ogling at their video clip when i was in Russia but didn't know who they were (i can read Cyrillic hehe) - so now i know hehe thanks Sarah ;)

    1. Blogger meiteoh said:

      You should get your dad to listen to Les Miserables! It's absolutely divine!

      And yes, I'm going for the movie as well. Adored the musical to bits! ^_^

    1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

      i can send you x'mas cards if you trust me with your add.

      cha0tique (lj)

    1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

      Looking at the CD cover for Nu Virgos, it would appear that the guys would be their main customers. For ogling, if not for listening to their songs. Do they really sing?

    1. Blogger sarah said:

      Maggie: i missed the friday show but i will watch it one of these days. :) and i'll blog abt it if i likey.

      xman: ogling eh. can't blame you, they're quite hot, bad music aside!

      the scarfer: oh yes he has that too! and the movie version as well.  

      cha0tique: i trust you :D yay. whats ur email?

      bayibhyap: they do. kinda. haha.

    1. Blogger Does It Matter said:

      Have a lot of Musicals. But the ones I keep listening to are the ones I have seen myself and where I can picture the songs and lyrics to the story, the emotion, the drama, the suspense, the next thing!. Miss Saigon, Aspects of Love and of course Sound of Music too...With Miss Saigon it brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to it...Saw it three times including the original cast with Lea Salonga and Jonathan Price... Too bad I am now not around to catch Phantom of the Opera. I can imagine its gonna be good. Evita is another really good one too....Only saw the movie version though.

    1. Blogger Debby said:

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    1. Blogger Karen said:

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