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Desktop Confessional

Losing a whole year.

Friday, December 31, 2004

10.05 PM on the last day of 2004, and here I am. Sitting on this familiar chair, facing this familiar screen and typing out a very familiar post. I typed out my last post for 2003 without having a clue how the next year will turn out. All I knew at that time of writing was that I ended it with a rather corny vow about being better, smarter, stronger in the new year.

And now that the mystery is solved, and I do know how 2004 turned out what with it having only 2 hours left in its lifespan, I wonder what can I say that'll summarize 365 days into a few choice paragraphs?

One of the things they teach you in a Journalism course is to not ramble. Always have an angle, and always aim to "tighten" your focus. Sentences should not be long, but relatively short as to not confuse your readers. So summarizing an eventful year should be easy right? I must be a lousy writer then because I don't know where to start.

Who would've thought that a year as memorable as 2004 would leave me pressed for words? In my head, the memories are all there in full technicolour glory.

The time she got into a drunken rant in Genting.
The time I realized that limaus work very well to put a drunk person to sleep.
The time we went to watch Incubus live.
The time we got into accident with a notorious Penang motorcyclist.
The time we all looked so good for prom.
The time we had that breakthrough lunch at TGIF.
The time where our Marketing assignment got 0/25.
The time we presented The Budget to everyone.
The times I was happy beyond being.
The times when we were all in love, and how it all ended.
The time we dripped oyster sauce over the Bastard Neighbour's laundry/rags.
The times we sat and cried over each other's predicaments.
The time we all graduated with our Diplomas In Communication.

Good times, bad times. Regardless, we certainly lived the year. We didn't let oppurtunities pass us by, we seized the days, we felt each and every painful emotion, we rejoiced over those precious moments when Life Was Good.

To the people who have been a part of my 2004: Thank you so much for your presence. Just wanted you guys to know that you left me with some wonderful memories; you should know who you guys are.

To the rest: Here's to a great 2005.

If growing older meant learning something as the years go by, I think I did good in 2004. It's still early to count down, but it's just about the right time to move on. :)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    woman...happy new year...i will never forget the time she got drunk n where we spent 4 days up there..i now know that place very well!...hehe...hope u have an interesting 2005...i'll miss u....i'm not asking for the moon or sky, but i do hope we never lose touch k?.. :)

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    I think happiness should be everyone's focus in life, not just our own happiness but everybody's. And it struck me that when you had an occasion in 2004 when you were "happy beyond being", this would have been the highlight of my 2004 if I had had a similar experience. Lacking originality somewhat, perhaps I would have named my experience an epiphany. But your description is more apt.

    2004 did not end the way I had anticipated. The damage wrecked by the tsunami has stunned me in more ways than I thought possible. I hope to be able to do more for everyone around me in 2005.

    There, no more rambling... HAPPY NEW YEAR and que sera sera. :)

  1. Blogger Regina said:

    Glad you played a big part of my life in 2004 and glad I played a big part in yours. Happy 2005 and yes, hope we find nice guys, plsgodpls.

  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    happy new year sarah. :))

  1. Blogger meesh said:

    Hanging in there with you woman. Love you and all the things we've gone through together. Someday, and GOD I hope someday comes soon, we will sit together and laugh about all this.

    Love me,


  1. Blogger sarah said:

    lyn? I LOVE YOU! we have to sit and talk and shop one of these days. make yourself free for wednesday. and i promise we won't lose touch *huggs*

    i agree. somehow the pursuit of happiness, and not just mine, have been a central point in my life. i dont know how that changed, it used to be the pursuit of something as trivial as a really nice dress (although, that could bring happiness :p)

    but yes, happy new year and que sera sera- whatever will be, will be.. the future's not ours to see.

    HAHA you quoteth my christmas card.

    i wish you much happiness in 2005 my dearest kev. :)


  1. Blogger Jase Lee said:

    Always the new year and challenges are ahead. Just to wish a Happy New Year to a fellow blogger.

  1. Blogger MunKit said:

    happy 2005!.. may you have a blessed year ahead :)

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    just sent you an e-mail.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Jase: thank you for the wishes- hope you have a good year ahead as well :)

    MunKit: you too, may what you want- you get.

    bayibhyap: oh, nice! but which account did you send it to cause i've checked and i don't see anything.

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    sarah8chan@hotmail.com. is this account still active?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    yep, it is. there must be something wrong with hotmail then.

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    i'll send it again. let me know what you think.

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