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Desktop Confessional

The great gym experience.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Because of the goodness of Nadiah's heart, I was able to drag Krystle along for a free one-day trial pass at Fitness First, Menara Maxis yesterday.

It was raining pretty hard when we reached KLCC. When it rains in KL, all madness breaks loose. Outside Suria, cars were honking non-stop, and people were waiting for taxis in this long line, or just loitering around waiting for the rain to clear.

I, on the other hand, get bloody confused. I walked out and turn left, and kept walking and walking but no Menara Maxis was in sight. And I KNEW that it was just right next to KLCC so where the hell did it go?! When we reached the corner, it was quite evident that I made a mistake so I called Nadiah who told me to TURN RIGHT. Not left. And true enough, Menara Maxis was right next to it. Grr. That wasn't all. Since I'd never been to Menara Maxis, I didn't know where to go in.. so I stood in front of a clear, glass thinking it would slide open and realized that it was well, clear glass. Not to mention the whole confusion about getting the Menara Maxis cards to gain entry to the lifts... not much to say about that just that am quite lost with unfamiliar protocols.

One thing about gyms is that everyone's really nonchalant about everything, or they're trying HARD to be nonchalant about anything. The first sight we were greeted with upon entering the women's locker room was a gloriously, stark naked woman. I don't know how I did it, but I nonchalantly glanced away. Even Krys, who is by far the most polite person I know, didn't make any mention of it until we got into our lockers and I turned to her and whispered, "DID YOU SEE THAT?", in the most jakun way possible.

Stark Naked Woman was oblivious to her surroundings, and cackling into her mobile while throwing clothes into her gym bag. Even from our lockers, which was across the room and shielded from the sight of the exhibitionist, we could hear her giggle her way into her clothes. I think Miss Exhibitonist was one of a kind, because she was the only naked woman I saw that day. Everyone else was quite shy, walking around in towels and ducking into the changing room to put on their clothes.

(Sorry to disappoint the men who would choose to enter a women's locker room should they become invisible for a day. :D But out of curiousity, do men walk around nekkid in their locker room?)

It's quite a different experience going on the treadmill and looking out into the chaotic KL traffic while you're safe and warm/sweaty inside. You almost want to scoff and taunt those stuck in the horrendous traffic. At one point while I was on the cycling er, machine, I leaned back and watched Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" video and in a while, forgot that I was exercising. It was strangely comfortable. Krys and I spent an hour and half there, exercising, if you would believe it. At 4.30 pm we were sweating profusely, and I started to get the wheezies. (OMG what an entirely juvenile way of putting it.)

Also, I guess this was expected, but a gym's a lot like a club which boggles me because everyone's probably looking their most unattractive there, what with the sweating and grunting. Still, everyone gets stared at, especially the women. I don't think I've been checked out so many times in an hour as much as I was when I was there. I don't really think it's an achievement or anything, it's probably just the typical behaviour in gyms? Because I was observing, and every girl gets checked out. And the men with biceps, good god, do they know how to flaunt it. It's like, "oh dear, my water bottle's right there. No worries, lemme just stretch my muscly arm and pour the water everywhere but into my mouth."

I made that up but I don't doubt that that COULD happen.

But all in all, I had a lot of fun. If I was working, and had steady monthly pay I would definitely sign up. But as of right now, I'm still struggling-student-epitomised, so I'll just add MEMBERSHIP TO FITNESS FIRST into my ever-growing wishlist ... which will be up shortly for anyone who likes me enough to buy me something!

Yes, no? Ah nevermind. PFFFT :D

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    Do men walk around naked in the changing rooms of gyms?

    Given your frank and somewhat hilarious account of the Stark Naked Woman, I believe you have earned the ticket to be enlightened. But my experience is somewhat limited to only one or two gyms.

    Most Asian men are still shy and they would have a towel around them. The only time the bolder ones could be seen totally naked is when they strip off after a gym session or when they are putting on their clothes after bathing. But occasionally we do see Caucasians walking around in their birthday suits, quite oblivious to the others in the room. Of course, as you rightly observed, everyone else would be nonchalant or pretending to be. I have been to a couple of spas where the men seem bolder.

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    You said nothing about Stark Naked Woman earlier, lol. I suppose it's quite normal everywhere else but Asia?

  1. Blogger charlyn tangerine said:

    What’s wrong with Ms. Exhibitionist? I’m sure she’s just feeling proud of her own body. I’ve never had the idea of women feeling shy looking at each others corpus. Hmmm… maybe it’s just me

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    hyperhex :

    As for the guys changing room. Ehem. It's not all the time naked. A lot do change in their lockers, but if you are into seeing muscular guys in tight renomas, there are plenty lar. They straight or not, i dont know.

    On the gym side, you should try classes. They are quite fun. Beginner can try Body combat or Body steps :). Do it at your own pace and if you are just tired or not enjoying urself, just walk out, no hassle

  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    i have to join gym soon. and i dont mean to meet those muscular nice bodied guys. i need to kill the gut. :P

    shake them bon bons!

  1. Blogger Lee Lee said:

    In Australian gyms most guys are naked. The showers are all in a common area, ie. no wall separating anyone. Guys walk around without a care. Take some getting use to but hey nothing to it.

  1. Blogger xman said:

    haha good one sarah - and yes the thought of being an invisible man in the girl's locker room has crossed my mind once (ok, more than once) hehe - i've been to some places and more often than not there would surely by a naked guy walking around so not necessarily lah that asian guys are shy hehe

  1. Blogger Yun said:

    Hahaa. I know what you mean. It was my first time going to the gym in Canada. I was mortified by the sight of naked ladies walking around in the locker room - both young and old. Oh well.

  1. Blogger Silly Wabbit said:

    Hahaha ... Sometimes that happens, which is why I get so anxious when I'm all alone in a new place :x I hate that sort of feeling (worse still if I'm lost!). That said, I'm not a boring person who follows a routine laaaaa. :P

  1. Blogger bayibhyap said:

    Hey, I caught on to the remark about muscular guys walking around the gyms and not knowing if they are straight. This is true. There are some gyms that are known to be popular with these guys and serve as a pick-up point.

    There was this muscular guy who always dressed in somewhat feminine clothes. When he patronises the guys' changing room, most of the guys feel uncomfortable. But as you said earlier, they just pretend to be "non-chalant". Hehehe...

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    so true about the "pick up point" remark. like i said, everyone gets checked out despite being all sweaty and wheezy. haha.

  1. Blogger Acat said:

    naked chick was probbaly being herself, uninhibited and totally secure of her surroundings. plus its a changing room full of girls so what?

    fitness first is too posh for my own liking. i tried the one downstairs of the tower. sadly never seen/heard of naked guys changing wantonly in the locker room.

    maybe those that feel comfortable "exposing" themselves are the one's that has more to show?

  1. Blogger frus said:

    While I was in Korea, naked men all around the locker room. Its quite normal there. I'm not worried walking naked too, the only thing I'm afraid is the kids. Wonder if they see me walking naked they will run and cry to their daddies

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