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Desktop Confessional

Cosmetic confusion.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You know what's scary? Make-up. The line between looking gorgeous and looking like an 80s pop star reject is unbelievably thin. A bit too much of blush there, a smidgen of lipstick on your teeth, too heavy a coat of mascara resulting in spider-eyelashes .. dear god.

Make-up and its amount of varieties scare me a little. No matter how many magazines I may read, I'll never be half-decent at applying make-up. Even if I did practice, it wouldn't really matter because there was no way I'll let myself walk out the door with my "experiments".

When I was younger, I went through the typical phase of rummaging through my mom's make-up and clothes, and putting them on. In Standard 4, I joined the choir and was thoroughly excited that my first performance would require me to wear a bright yellow dress with puffy sleeves, adorned with plastic flowers. And make-up. Blue eyeshadow, pink blush and red lipstick. Basically, it was a choirful of ABBA-lookalikes. I remember going to 7-11 after the performance, and the cashier staring at me. No joke.

But since I'm older, and much wiser now (heh), and especially since my field relates to media and perceptions, I know now that all the things they write about make-up being able to turn you from ugly duckling to sizzling swan (sounds like good food) is basically exaggerated. No doubt it enhances, but it is no way going to make you look like Angelina Jolie. (Regardless of how much smoky eyeliner and eyeshadow you pile on)

Then again, my reluctance towards using make-up may just be me. I don't really have the confidence to pull off make-up. I'm afraid of smudging it, or the Malaysian heat melting everything off until all that remains is like a very bad watercolour painting.

But I have seen some examples of bad make-up, oh yes. I'm often horrified, not only with their delusion that what they have on their face actually looks good, but at their friends for letting them walk around thinking they've just walked off an advertisment. They can't possibly think they look good do they? But we can't blame them really, when some of the women behind cosmetic counters put as much make-up on. And these are the people we're supposed to trust with our make-up issues?

Now you see my predicament? I think make-up is one of women's greatest weapons, but I have no idea how to use it. Magazines are filled with complicated terminologies (blending, priming, etc, like assembling a nuclear warhead) and make-up professionals cater for the more mature generation.

So. Until someone educates me about the finer points of making up .. I will stick to whatever it is I have been using. You don't fix what's not broken, eh?

(Unless. It IS broken and friends are letting me walk around like a clown. Noo.)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    To quote Din Beramboi,

    "Pakai make up ni, sama ada jadi semakin lawa, atau semakin lawak"

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    Even if I did practice, it wouldn't really matter because there was no way I'll let myself walk out the door with my "experiments". You don't walk out with your experiments on! You walk out when you have perfected the experiments, silly! ;)

    ps - you should look up some of Kevyn Aucoin's makeovers. Those were amazing.

  1. Blogger kim said:

    u need not stand alone in the stance against make up

    you've seen the prom pictures and how much i resemble a goddamn circus clown
    and to think i even got the damn make up done up by some beautician and yet it sucessively failed

    i reckon it really depends on your face or something
    like some look real good with make up (don't they?) and some just simply do not no matter how well done

  1. Blogger frus said:

    Ive never tried make ups before but I guess the concept of a good make up is that, the makeup has to compliment the beauty of ur face. Lets say, theres a certain part of ur face is beautiful, u make it up to enhance it (Not by painting on that part obviously, use ur creativity). Besides that, when ur on TV or on camera, its where your makeup usually shine.

  1. Blogger meiteoh said:

    I use make-up, am familiar with the techniques, keep updated and must say that I'm a gem when it comes to beauty and skincare - used to work for Body Shop mah - but guess what? I don't wear make-up unless I have to. And me man likes it that way. "I can feel free to smooch you without tasting powder or lipstick!" ^_^

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    BawangMerah: Din Beramboi was on to something. pardon my ignorance but whos he/she?

    kim: some beauticians tend to overdo it a little, i agree. but you didn't look bad!

    frus: i would find it strange if u said u have used it before.

    the scarfer: i need to work for body shop.

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