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Desktop Confessional

Things that go BUMP in the night.

Friday, November 12, 2004

No one really knows who lives in the house behind. The house had been empty for awhile now when a few months ago, there was an unusual amount of activitiy taking place, what with painters, construction workers and the like working around the clock and causing a hell lot of noise. But hey, we thought, we'll get new neighbours and the lorong behind won't look so gloomy at night.

Fastforward to Nov 12 and we have not seen the batang hidungs of our sorta-new neighbours. My bedroom window is opposite one of their bedroom windows, and I notice that their bedrooms have NEVER been lighted at night. It has always been dark, isolated and just generally strange.

I never really thought about it until my brother brought it up yesterday. Was just coming home from dinner when he remarked, "Dammit who lives there??". Then it hit me that I have no idea. I don't know whether it's a family, or like, a bachelor. There are no cars parked in the yard and everything is just DARK! It would be like a deserted house if not for the renovations and new paint job. Which brings us back to the main point- why spend so much money on sprucing up the place when no one apparently lives there?!

What we do know is that the house is owned by Indians. My brother woke up from his sleep one early morn due to what he thought were cows moo-ing. But, he thought, cows? In SUBANG JAYA? That just doesn't fit. But hey, there goes another moo! Whatever is going on? He went to his window and true enough, there was a cow in the house behind' garden. He reckoned it was a ritual, sort of like a house blessing thing.

But after that .. no signs of life whatsoever. Reminds me so much of that retro horror movie Fright Night. Strange house, no apparent occupants, turned out to be a home to vampires.


THE HOUSE! First pic is unaltered image of it, and the second has had its brightness altered by Photoshop.

  1. Blogger Jolene said:

    ok , that's damn scary. i mean waking up to find a cow behind your house, in an apparently empty house, early in the morning(i presume before sunrise?).. is definitely definitely scary..hahahaha

  1. Blogger MunKit said:

    yikk.. so eerie.. now that exams've finished.. maybe one of these days i could go n explore the place :P

  1. Blogger Matty said:

    the house behind mine is empty as well, and thankfully, no funny thing has ever happened! *phew* Will u be doing an investigative piece next? ;)

  1. Blogger xman said:

    haha can see u in the 2nd pic! anyway, spooky looking house - try staying up and watch the windows - wuhuuu

  1. Blogger frus said:

    omg! I saw a ghost in the pic!

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Jolene: i would be cool to see some cows in subang though *wistful*

    MunKit: lol, provided u can find it.

    Matty: investigative pieces? nahlaah. im a lazy ass procrastinator , remember?

    xman: yeah haha that'll be me in my room opposite their bedroom window :D

    frus: are you referring to my reflection in the second pic?? GRRRRR.

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