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Desktop Confessional

The issue of hair, and some others.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

My college is taking pictures for our new student IDs tomorrow. Had initially wanted to get a hair cut to go with a new picture. And also, wanted to have my eyebrows done to avoid looking like I might be growing a unibrow (kidding! It's not that bad la, really) It's been since September that my eyebrows have seen any sort of maintenance. How shameful :( The thing with threading eyebrows is that once you do it, you have to continue doing it because it grows in a most gross fashion and just the simple fact that threaded eyebrows look sooo nice.

But it is Sunday night and I will go to my photo taking session tomorrow with boring, long hair and eyebrows that Meesh will say, looks like it belongs on a Slavic wrestler. :( Don't want to look like Slavic wrestler on student ID which will last for 2 years! And I'm afraid of doing my own eyebrows because might end up having no eyebrows like, LOL, a friend of mine who will remain anonymous. (But yours has grown back now, bravo)

Reality TV is heaven sent, I don't care what the critics say. Sunday afternoon seems to be when StarWorld unleases everything from its reality TV folder into the world. To pass time, I was watching some American Idol repeat on 8tv (i think), followed by The Simple Life, Young Posh & Loaded, For Love or Money, and The Apprentice. I don't really follow any of these shows on StarWorld but it was quite an entertaining waste of time. I couldn't stomach Young Posh & Loaded for too long though because I wanted to kick that Fiona girl in the face halfway through. In general though, it is madness for people to have so much money and be so stupid. Those 2 elements should not gel, but unfortunately, they seem to be the most common mix.


I've been wondering about the OST of my life. What songs would make it in there? Why? How do I measure significance of songs? Is this song the best representation of my memories? In the end of the day I couldn't decide on 15 songs because I got quite picky. I don't think I ever could come up with a soundtrack of my life. Could you? In 15 songs or less. It's harder than it sounds mate!

The first 3 days of my degree course has been rather uneventful, except for that 4 hour lunch I had with Krystle at Chili's. We just sat there, not wanting to move, or rather can't move because was too full. Chili's has a new rule now: you can't get refills unless you order at least 2 glasses of something. Shite! We started with one but that was not enough, so we ordered a lemonade. After meeting their 2-glass-policy they refilled our drinks with strange enthusiasm. Most of the times they'll be asking if we want a refill even before we hit quarter-done mark. Thumbs up for service.

I smell Monday around the corner. Noooo.. tooo... soooooooon.
(need to make MyKad soon, hopefully with new hair and eyebrows)

  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    i like fiona! she's sooo funny! hhahaahhahaaha!
    *laugh like a hyena*

    ooo and paris hilton is my gurll!!!! :D :D :D

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