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Desktop Confessional

I'm only happy when it rains.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pinang tree: Botanical Gardens, Penang

It's been raining furiously in Subang these past few days since I was back from Penang. Every evening, as if on cue, dark clouds gather and sounds of thunder could be heard, followed by really scary jagged streaks of lightning. (Although technically, it should be lightning and then thunder, as speed of light travels faster than speed of sound, bla bla bla). This is where I pull myself away from the computer and reluctantly unplug the modem. Hey, it's better than getting the modem fried and NOT being able to go online for days and days... the horror.

It looks like 8 PM when the clock says 5.30.

I had one of the best evenings yesterday, after it rained. It wasn't like "fuuyoh best, this is the time of my life" best. But .. :

These last few months of 2004 has been one of the busiest time periods of my life. There was the usual piling up of assignments and workload, nothing atypical. However, it being our final diploma semester everything seemed to have multiplied: the work, the stress, the doubts. Besides that, there was the organizing of the Dinner and Dance to attend to, and that was a big panicky rush; albeit one that paid off.

All work and no play makes sarah a dull chick, so there were those trips where I desperately tried to inject a sense of fun into my life. So off we went .. THREE times to Genting within a span of two months. This from a girl who until June 2004, have not seen Genting in over a decade. (Once it was to help at a Pakistani concert, hehe, yeah.) And Penang, twice in two months I believe. Once again, have not seen the island since I was 10.

So. I've not really had some time to breathe. Just inhale, exhale, think, contemplate. No quality 'me' time. And that's why yesterday evening was one of the best evenings I've spent.

Nice cold weather, due to post-rain-atmosphere (lovely!), opened up my iTunes after a long time of ignoring it, and listened to all those songs that was made for a time like that. Opened up the balcony door, to be greeted with fresh Subang air (rare). From my balcony, you can see USJ and Sunway, slowly lighting up as dusk turns to night. There was even a sunset going on, but partially blocked by the trees and streetlights. The sky was like a show of colours; red, purple, orange, yellow.

Nice. Beautiful. Calm. All at once. It's the simple things that matter, yeah?

Rainy Day Soundtrack

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" - Beach Boys
"At The Stars" - Better than Ezra
"Make It With You" - Bread (I KNOW, I'm turning into my dad)
"Wonderful Tonight" - Eric Clapton/Damage
"Here With Me" - Dido
"Caught by the River" - Doves
"Only You" - The Flying Pickets
"Hold On Hope" - Guided by Voices
"I'm No Superman" - Lazlo Bane
"Sunday Morning" - Maroon 5
"Always Take the Weather" - Crowded House
"Crystal Village" - Pete Yorn
"Destiny" - Zero 7
"Save Yourself" - Sense Field

.. and some others I can't remember. Dammit, need to buy CDRs to burn all these! Or does any kind soul want to get me an iPod? :D

  1. Blogger mwt said:

    You must have lived a previous existence as F R O G S.

    There are also very happy and active after the rains. You can hear them singing (croaking) and shouting "it is mating time after the rains where my tadpoles can survive in pools of water"

  1. Blogger hyelbaine said:

    "Sunday Morning" - Maroon 5

    That song is just perfect for the weather we're going through these days ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  1. Blogger Kervin said:

    There's two types of songs to play on a rainy day; the slow and light ones that'll gurantee to put you to sleep (the weather is already condusive) or loud heavy stuff to jazz you up and chase away the rainy blues:) You have to post up some pics when you were in Penang.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Enjoyed a lot!
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