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Desktop Confessional

Boys and their toys, girls and their ..(*rhymes*)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

My brother just came back with a very bad sorethroat and a very, very expensive mousepad. Although I don't think he calls it a mousepad, probably something more sophisticated than that. I mean, chuh, RM99 spent on something that sounds as stupid as 'mousepad' is quite depressing. (Have you really thought of how absurd the word mousepad is? I just realized that)

Anyway. I hath asked the boy what he calls his little mousepad that came with its own silver box, and he says it is a "gaming mousepad". More specifically. its a Func gaming mousepad. I don't really know the significance of it being a Func mousepad but I suppose some of you will appreciate it. Eh? Eh?

Ah men/boys. And their toys. With clothes it gets tiresome after half an hour, but with gadgets, cars, etc they're willing to spend a little time and moolah.

I think its the same with women. You like stuff!, we like clothes and pretty sparkly things. The question of why women spend so long in malls should never be asked by males, because it's been asked for like, decades. Just get over it, find a better probe. The end result of both kind of shopping is the same: that woooooooooooonderful feeling that comes with getting what we want. Instant gratification, yay yay. Nothing quite like it.

My mom flew to Singapore this morning on a business trip. Lucky, lucky her. I mean yes, she has to work and stuff but no doubt she's gonna have a lot of fun too. It's like 2/3 days without her husband and kids- ah such sweet freedom. She gets to do what she wants and there is no one else's fancy to follow. I'm quite jealous. I won't be having an Xmas break (*huwaaah!*), and the tentative plan is that the rest of the Chans are going to Singapore (as we do every year) and later Seremban, while I stay home alone and watch the house. CHUH.

Quite scared la actually, being home alone. Probably sleep with lights on- by that I mean every light that can be switched on at home.

My mid-sem break is from Dec 31st to Jan 7, and the reallllly good thing about having no Xmas break is that I'll actually be celebrating New Year's Eve this year! No more staying home on 31st and stuff. I think I've been doing that EVERY new year, except the previous New Year's Eve. So I'm praying, praying that the HELLO2005! trip works out.

2004 is almost over, omg. It has been one crazy year. Complete madness. Entirely memorable. :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    ....curls(trip to the salon)? pearls(hail to the jeweller)?

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Ehmm yah, it's suppose to make those laser mouse glide smoothly. It feels almost like moving on ice. :P

  1. Blogger kim said:

    your brother was asking me to order it online
    looks like he found something cheaper here

    god knows how 'extroadinary' a mousepad can get yknow?
    boys and their silly toys

    and ive not figured out the equation on why women spend so damn long at malls and im female myself
    i just don't get it

    maybe it's a sidetrack to exercising and stuff
    technically running around a mall for 5 hours would be considered as a pretty good walk around the park yknow what i mean? :)

  1. Blogger Passionista said:

    would you activate your Atom feed? I was trying to add you to my RSS reader, and it says you don't have a feed. let me know if you do it, okay?

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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