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Desktop Confessional

The art of doing nothing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

There are many things to be annoyed about, and one of them should not be the fact that you're on your break. 3 whole weeks, 21 days of doing nothing- what's there to whine about eh? Well wrong, since I am woman, therefore good at whining, I do have gripes about being on holiday. Without a car, without loads of money and without enough RAM on this computer of mine.

Let's see, where does the great whine-fest begin?

There's only so much hanging out you can do in malls. Same goes for that much shopping you can do. Oh yes people, I am at this moment (stress on "this MOMENT") declaring that I am .. er. Well. Getting a little tired of relentless shopping. ZARA, MNG, Topshop .. they're all becoming a big blur to me. The really nice stuff are new, and therefore expensive. The ones on the discount rack are always in sizes big enough to fit a cross-dresser and fraying at ends and stuff.

Speaking of cross-dressing, I was watching Oprah today. Yes the telltale signs of being bored senseless on a holiday is when you begin to rekindle the fondness you have for Oprah at 1 PM. I mean, the only reason why I wake up before 12.30 PM is because of that wonderful woman.

She had these guests on the show, and they were contestants in a show called He's A Lady. 11 men signed up for a show they thought was about male competition, pitting them against each other in mental and physical challenges and stuff. But oh boy, how wrong they were. What they had to do instead was learn to walk in the shoes of their wives/girlfriends. Meaning, yes, dress like a woman, act like a woman, get in touch with the feminine side of himself.

Aw man, it looks like a really fun show and it sucks that I'm on a Mac and haven't got enough RAM to go on a downloading rampage of that show. Everything I open up Limewire or whatever, my whole computer lags and lags.. the frustration is just not worth it in the end. I'd rather be happy and ignorant of new shows and music! :D

However if I did have the means to go on a downloading rampage, this is my TV SHOW WISH LIST:
1) Sex and the City, season 1-8. I've only seen the entire final season (9th). Others, just one or two episodes from a particular season. This is what happens when ASTRO is your main access to the series, and your parents usually sit and watch TV with you. So embarassing la watching Sex and the City with them around.
2) Scrubs season 3. Is 8tv showing season 3 now? I keep forgetting to catch it. But it wouldn't really be the best idea anyway, because that would mean catching the series right smack in the middle of the season. No syiok la.
3) Gilmore Girls, season 1 and the rest because I've never seen even one episode and everyone says it's so good.
4) The O.C, season 1 and beyond. They were showing it on 8tv I think, but I've never been able to receive 8tv until they had a channel on ASTRO. The soundtrack rocks though.

One of the things I always wanted to do whenever I visit a mall, is try to get a free meal in Dave's Deli. They have a policy, where if they don't issue you a receipt, you get a free meal. However despite numerous attempts at distraction, the receipt has always been handed to me with my change. DAMMIT. They must run one hell of a bootcamp/training session. Involving whips I bet. Hmmm. Nevermind.

I'm also annoyed that my mom only ever calls me whenever she wants me to take out the laundry.
And that my brother ate my lunch today. Plus the fact that he thinks putting the dishes in the sink equal to washing up.
So really, whenever I'm on holidays I'm more of a domestic asset other than anything.

Happy Deepavali, people! :)

  1. Blogger Jolene said:

    hi sarah!

    was at daves deli pyramid back in form4 doing a solo cny shopping trip..and there was a cockroach leg at the side of my cup(which contained pepsi). not sure if i've told u this back then.. but yeah! i got a free meal!! but was damn disgusted though.:(

  1. Blogger fishtail said:

    Have a nice holiday. Tip: when there's nothing else to do, play scrabbles; time passes very quickly then.

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