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Desktop Confessional

There's no such thing as a break.

Monday, October 11, 2004

I wonder why Subang Jaya is so annoyingly hot and glaring, where else Penang was the total opposite? What I would have gave up to have this weather when I was there.. hmpf.
There's always a next time I suppose, and the next time I will walk in the rain around Batu Feringghi/Botanical Gardens if I have to! Mother Nature- grrr. Stupid monsoon seasons, grrr.

Well. At least I ate a lot, mwhaha. From an RM6 plate of char kway teow (ridiculously priced but damn it was good), to dimsum at 10pm .. eating made up half the time I spent on the island. The other half was spent sleeping, hanging out in the room, watching back-to-back episodes of The Amazing Race and Survivor (John K, yum) and checking out Penang malls. It was not the shopaholic in me talking- I swear. I didn't bring enough clothes and I needed to go to a mall and get a top. Any top.

Heh. See, I was/am an overpacker. On my one night trip to Genting early in September, I packed more clothes than I did for the 3 night stay in Penang. I am TRYING to pack light, but as you can see, it has backfired on me. Wearing the same black top three times in a row is not fun, and definitely not friendly to the nose.

I live in a shroud of paranoia that I will run out of clean underwear on a holiday, and there are absolutely no shops around. What's worse is when I have my period on a holiday. Jeezus, enough underwear to last a month. I throw every single thing in. No way am I going to risk having no underwear during such crucial periods!

Oh what a bad pun, apologies.

The fact that there's no class on Monday is failing to cheer me up. I feel so blah, lethargic and my mind is lagging. It takes a second too long to register a joke, or a comment. Also, I got to get started on some Marketing essays for I will be dead if I don't.

I just want to lie under the covers, read some trashy novel and eat something sweet. Unfortunately, today is Monday and predictably: I have assignments; trashy novel is really a dramatic melancholic piece of work (Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold) and there is nothing sweet in my house.

Except cinnamon Dunkin Donuts which tastes like crap.
And Christopher Reeves is dead, my favourite Clark Kent is dead. *tear*

Monday Moodiness strikes you even on a break! Why!

  1. Blogger hyelbaine said:

    i don't blame you. i guess it's easier for us guys to travel and pack light compared to women ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

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