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Desktop Confessional

Growing up in time of cholera.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Well not really, no cholera here. Just thought of Serendipity and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Friendster. I just got added by someone whom I have not seen in a long, long while. I was never really close to him so I'm surprised that he even remembers my last name to be able to add me.

On the occasions when I do go Friendster browsing, I often leave my computer feeling really perplexed and in disbelief. When I chance upon an account from someone (anyone, really) I knew in primary school or secondary school, it's really fun to see how much they've grown up and how different they are. Of course there are some who never change. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

In the duration between friends/classmates and long-lost, somehow familiar face, these people have probably gone through experiences that most people my age have been through in the process of growing up. Yet, although it is easy for me to make sweeping generalizations like that, I can't honestly say I can imagine them going through such experiences. That sounds a bit strange I know, like "what, you think people are still little kids?!". That wasn't what I meant. I suppose when you've lost contact with people who were once acquaintances, these people seem to stick in your mind in the way you last saw them. I guess because of the disconnection after primary school or secondary school ends, all you have of them are just memories and recollections from all the things you guys did together in the past, all the good times. And you can't really imagine anything after those periods.

I wonder though when I look at their pictures ..
How's your life been since Standard 6? Do you remember Encik __ who used to scream from the class below? So tell me about all the guys/girls you've dated. Have you had sex? HAHA remember when we want nothing to do with the opposite sex?! Ever been in a car accident with you behind the wheel? OMG you look so HAWT- I would so hit that now! (Ahem.)

Someone needs to organize this huge Friendster gathering. I feel like my curiousity needs to be satisfied. Either that or I need a Vanilla Coke. Which I will get soon since I am GOING OUT!

(That's right, 3 days stuck at home is fcking torture.)

  1. Blogger hyelbaine said:

    hhmm..holding a friendster gathering just for malaysians would take quite a lot of planning and organizing as it would be huge event judging by the number of malaysian friendster users we have ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  1. Blogger Kawa said:

    MmMmMm~ Vanilla Coke... MmmMm~

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