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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dear Lord la. I haven't updated this blog in ages. Every time I open up my Dashboard, and click the icon to post something new - my mind blanks. Truthfully, there's been too many things going on in my life these past weeks. College, events, crying sessions, and a holiday - there's so much to talk about.

But forget all that. Let me proudly say that my FINAL SEMESTER in chase of a diploma is OVER! Well technically we still have our exams on the 18th, but other than that- it's all been done. Every assignment have been passed up, every presentation has been er, presented.

Speaking of presentations, we had a major one last Wednesday. Earlier in the semester, we were told to come up with a magazine. This wasn't just any assignment, oh no. If all goes well, my lecturer was going to push it for actual publication. Naturally, we were excited at the thought of being such young editors, but at the same time, felt like we were going to wet our pants the whole time. The presentation for the magazine was in front of all the Mass Comm greats of Taylor's, namely the old program director, the new program director and some pretty powerful people la.

While the VIPs leaned back on their cushiony seats, we of The Budget (name of mag) were hunching forward with clammy, cold fingers. It didn't help that earlier in the day we received some horrific news regarding one of our assignments that left us in tears. It was hard controlling and keeping everything in. One minute you're nervous but excited about the magazine unveiling, and the next you think about that assignment that puts EVERYTHING you worked for in the past 4 semesters in jeopardy.

(Sigh, it stings still to even remember what happened.)

As I was introduced by Meesh (my bitchy ed from hell ;)), I dragged along the storyboard that Regina and I worked on to centerstage. The storyboard was supposed to be a representation of our magazine's progress, from conception til now. It was littered with unedited articles, and some photos that were taken during editorial meetings, prom and assignments. It was in a sense, our hard work on a softboard.

My speech I thought, was pretty embarassing because it didn't hide exactly how proud I was of The Budget. I er, kinda let it all out. Just explaining about the significance of the photos chosen made me think back about the semester that was just about to end.

It's been a crazy 3-4 months. I think when they say your college days are the best days of your life- my final semester was what they were talking about. The amount of shit that happened, the tiny accomplishments which make everything worth it. The stupid inside jokes, and hectic rush to get everything checked on your TO-DO or DIE LIST.

My group of friends- love you guys. It amazes me how 6 girls who never knew each other existed until 2003 could in less than a year, forge such an incredible bond. I <3 y'all! Those going off to Australia had better buy us Malaysian kids something nice. And come back often for we will miss you.

Anyway here are some pictures, before I get all emo. *blubbers*

at meesh's 21st!: june, me and may lyn
happy hats!: standing: me, meesh sitting: june, angie, cheryl


absolute classic

WAHAHA, FRIEDSHIP TRAIN! Cheesy overload but hey, it's the 6 of us looking our happiest :D

Oh and did I mention I just got back from Penang? More on that later.
And also, that I started this post at 8pm and it's almost 10pm now?
Blogger's block, beware.

  1. Blogger hyelbaine said:

    welcome back and best of luck too! ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  1. Blogger deborah said:

    Way to go, The Budget! =) =)

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    thanks, both of you. :)

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