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Desktop Confessional


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I had Bovril soup for lunch! And it was oh-so good and strangely, filling.
Ah. The soup of my childhood.

I'm looking for the cough medicine of my childhood. I forget what its called- something pei pah ko? Sorry, am hopeless banana so I don't even know what those 3 words mean.

Black syrupy cough medicine, with a picture of a grandma and grandkid on the label. I'd recognize it if I see it, but I haven't. Woe.

I love pulp in my orange juices. I like to believe it makes the drink healthier.

Realize that I don't study well without a highlighter. It's conditioning thing, I suppose. Use highlighter to study more often, the more you associated highlighting as an effective studying method. And currently, all my highlighters have ran out of ink (?) so it's basically, in one ear out the other.

Back to futile studying. Cheers.

  1. Blogger hyelbaine said:

    errr...ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak?

    Cheers!!! :D

  1. Blogger sixthseal said:

    that gooey cough syrup with no recreational potential watsoever. yeah, i remember that. used to take it as a kid...until i found, er...more entertaining ways to supress my cough. ;)

  1. Blogger deborah said:

    All the best for exams! Chins up, gal. =)

  1. Blogger Jolene said:

    hey sarah! i think it's called Pei Pah Lou:)
    go to 19 there lar..u know the yok choi poh..(er.. chinese medicine shop) next to 7-11? .. or was it next to Mcd's.. anyhu.. it's there lar:)

    But why do you like it? ew..!!

  1. Blogger Kawa said:

    aiyo, you guys ah... haha ;P... Pei Pa Ko is indeed correct. Cap Ibu dan Anak is the urmm BM name.

    Other than taking a table spoon or two, you can also make a drink out of it. Two table spoons into a mug and just add water!

    I usually would underline my notes, when I was studying back then. If not underline, I would write down point forms. Easier to remember when there are less words. Hahah! Well, whatever works for you lah.

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