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Desktop Confessional

There's no seperating (wo)man & machine.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

I just spent the better part of Sunday afternoon sleeping, watching Malaysian Idol and backing up all my photos, mp3s and important documents on my PC. Now all my history with this machine is being stored in 3 CDRs. Tonight will be a massive deleting spree as I remove any trace that I even owned it for a little while. These are my very last hours with it.

I've grown unhealthily attached to this PC. It's been sitting on my study desk for a few months now and my life basically revolves around it. I blog from here, I upload all my photos here, my work's done here, I connect with my friends from this little hub in my room. Downloads are done on this PC, I watched the last season of Sex and the City on it.

And tonight I will slowly delete all that. Pathetically, I feel like my heart is breaking somewhat.

I've never been one to fall for the latest technology or hottest gadgets. Technology has always impressed me, but never bowled me over. Like my handphone. It's so basic, it should be a primate. It doesn't have a camera, MMS or even a colour screen and I'm okay with that. My brother on the other hand, knows all the latest models to come out and is learned about their functions. Yesterday, he got himself the Nokia Ngage which to me, is more of a game console than a phone. He was all about compact-ness when it came to phones, but the Ngage is dinosaur-like! Which makes me think maybe he wanted it because it acts like a Gameboy and your ringtone is a MP3. (Big hella deal.)

I've also a tendency to think technology is unreliable and is the cause of most of my frustrations. A while ago, I got disconnected from MSN and my browser wouldn't load. I thought, fck Streamyx is down again! (Streamyx in my area is very bad, disconnects 10 times a day) Was griping, pacing up and down, thanking the gods that I wasn't in the middle of publishing a looong blog entry, when I had this INGENIOUS idea to see whether all the cables outside were plugged in and accounted for. Lo and behold, idiotbrother unplugged one as he went down for a shower. So Streamyx wasn't down, but idiotbrother will go down for causing me unnecessary stress. As Jase said, "Stupidity must not go unpunished."

However, my indifference towards technology doesn't make me feel any less depressed about giving back this PC. I'll have to use the Mac now for all my work and personal stuff and I really don't want to because the Mac is in the family hall, and my parents just love to drop by and see what I'm doing. It irks me. I don't like someone looking over my shoulder as I blog/work/IM. PLUS, I'll have to do battle with idiotbrother for use of the Mac. So if you don't see me on MSN so often anymore, you know why la. sarah no more PC.

I do feel better now after typing it all out. Most of this weird sad mood I will attribute to PMS as am breaking out and just finished one whole packet of Super Rings. I don't even eat chips! And I finished one whole pack! By myself! My tongue and fingers are stained orange, much like how a young boy messes himself over with an ice cream cone.

Also, I really really want to go shopping and buy my bloody prom dress. I'll never find it, I know!

Big week ahead. Thursday in particular, scares and excites me at the same time.

  1. Blogger Jolene said:

    streamyx is a nuisance at times isn't it. grr..
    why? where's ur computer going?

  1. Blogger Maggie said:

    Hey... things always look worse during the PMS periods... ^_^
    It'll all straighten out soon. ^_^
    (And... if I can find a prom dress in India... you bet your bottom dollar it'll be even easier to find one in Malaysia! Cheers!)

  1. Blogger kim said:

    try sungei wang for your prom dress

    if my memory serves me right
    there's this place which offers local designer dresses which is moderately priced :)

    im just not sure where

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    Thurs scares/excites me too.. but you'll do alright kiddo *hugz*


  1. Blogger sarah said:

    pc going back to its rightful owner.
    see, the pc im using right, is loaned to me.

    you;re in India now? how cool. i'd actually love to wear a sari to the prom. the colours, wow!

    i think i will try sg wang since everyon's been telling me i should try there. hopefully this time i wont lost in between all the shops.

    HUGS! :)

  1. Blogger Bud Wiser said:

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