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Desktop Confessional

Sweet home Subang Jaya?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

You know. I went up to Genting on Friday thinking that it would be just a fun work-related holiday with my friends, but I came back on Monday night realizing that it was a whole lot more than that. We laughed 3/4 of our time away, but the last quarter was spent awake in an ungodly hour in our hotel room, knocking sense around.
Long story, and unfit for blogging. Let me just say that it was one of those nights that changed the dynamics of our friendships completely.

So. Genting was definitely, something to remember for quite a while. I miss it, though Subang Jaya feels so warm and familiar, and my appetite isn't as large.

On the work related part, I now have a new found respect for salespeople, of any form or shape. It's NOT EASY doing what they do. Selling tickets to random people in hotel lobbies is not one of the simplest chores I've ever done. At first, you think, "I just sell tix, don't care la if people buy or not." But as you put more effort and time into what you do, you find out that you actually DO care how everything will work out even though you've got no attachment whatsoever to the company.

Our meals were sponsored so my friends and I became pigs overnight. Ugh. I don't know how many times I said, "Guys we MUST STOP eating right NOW!" while stuffing my face with the buffet breakfast/lunch. What a hypocritical thing to say! It seems like people are perpetually hungry way up there, and after all the rides and First World Plaza walks, eating is basically the only thing you can do.

I came back Monday night, missing Genting and procrastinating on studying for my exam next week. I better set a reminder to study before I waste my break away watching TV and sleeping.

My life's a bit .. weird right now. There are things going on which I wish fervently will be resolved easily and effortlessly, but Life's never kind, is she? So what should I do, should I sit back and let it play itself out on its own? It seems that's the only thing I can do at the moment.

And though it is weird and boggles me to no end, it's kinda pleasant as well.
How, Sarah asks rethorically.

  1. Blogger sashi said:

    Salespeople. Incredible people. Amazing how they can take any insult thrown at them and keep coming back for more. Respect.

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    mmm.. I can totally relate.. my life's pretty much on the edge of something big & exciting too.... as someone dear to me put it... a "pleasant confusion":)

  1. Blogger Orange Genius said:

    Hmm...and I tot Genting trip is always a haunting one. Looks like you are having fun.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I had fun girl! I will always remember that trip.Do post up the pictures! Love you all so much. I think that trip will have a special place in my heart forever. Theme Park Hotel, August 2004, Room 8206.



  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    yeap... i actually respect a lot of people. they work so hard. true what sashi said. amazing isn't it?

    sarah, i need my secret recipe cake!

  1. Blogger Albert said:

    And this is the part where I cut in and ask where you work and whether got discount or not. :)

  1. Blogger Albert said:

    Oh, and nice title. Hehe! Been to a mamak lately?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    yeah i know. but despite having some experience of what it feels like to be a salesperson, i do still find them pretty annoying. i guess i'd never learn tsk tsk.

    Hahaha you ah.. :p
    pleasant distraction on the cable car as well.

    Orange Genius,
    I've been to genting 2 times in the past 4 months and stiill havent seen infamous genting ghosts. hallelujah. my aura must be pretty nice :)

    ah woman me loves you KISSES!
    and its 8207 you idiot! :p

    don't la mention cake! images flooding my mind now.. moist.. chocolatey.. dark.. cake... mmmmm.

    bwahah. yeah hor the title from ben's bitches. :p no mamak for me lately.

    why you so obsessed with cheese naan eh?

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