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Desktop Confessional

Life begins at 1.10 PM!

Friday, August 20, 2004

My life seems to grind to a halt when the exams come by. Everything is put on hold, meetings are rescheduled and sleep is scarce. So you'd understand why I'm so glad the mid-sems are over, and I can finally hit PLAY on the VCR that is my life.

Today played out rather badly. Was on the way to college when suddenly, all the lights start dimming in my mom's car. My brother took one look at the dashboard and said, "Er. Ma. Your battery is gonna die."

And sure enough, my mom pulled over to the side and the battery promptly dieded on us. Seconds later, the car alarm starts blaring and my mom frantically tries to shut it up by waving her arms around in exasperation. My brother got out of the car and walked to school, I hailed a cab from, officially, the slowest cabbie in the world.

He was a short, stout Indian man with graying hair and magnifying spectacles. Hardly said a word, and only managed to peer over the steering wheel with shoulders hunched and his nose so close to the wheel, I bet he could smell his own sweat. He was going max 50 KM/H (I checked), and there was this HUUUUGGE gap between the cab and the car in front. Needless to say, we were frequently being cut-ted. I wanted to pull my hair out in desperation, COME ON UNCLE PLEASE LA IT USUALLY ONLY TAKES 10 MINS ITS BEEN 20 MINS ALREADY I HAVE AN EXAM GODDAMIT. But I kept silent as I was rather intimidated by this small man's ability to hack and snort phlegm, and then opening the door to spit it out while driving at the same time.

Then, I go to college to discover that I did rather poorly for Journalism 2. SIGH. However, bad mood went away at 1.10 PM when I handed in my Marketing paper, which was easier than expected, blessed be.

So now I'm a free woman and I have to get back to my life PE (pre exam):

  • Catch up on movies- I, Robot, Catwoman (don't care if its sucky, Halle Berry too hot in leather suit to miss), 13 Going on 30, Collateral. What else is there?
  • Vacuum and mop downstairs. Neglected the chores this past week.. not that I minded. But yeh. Wouldn't want my family to live in filth now.
  • Finish up all the leftover assignments from study break.
  • Try to watch at least ONE Olympic sport in its entirety, and not just little 5 minute previews.
  • Look around for a dress for program's Dinner & Dance. Where should I go to get one eh? HELP.
  • Wonder about what stuff is there to do in KL besides shop and eat. HELP.
  • Fireworks-watching over Merdeka weekend. Siape nak ikut?
  • Not to slack off so much post-mid sem.

    Weird situation of the day.

    Scenario: Melissa and I were sitting on the floor by the lifts, waiting for Matthew to come down so we can follow him to SS15, when 2 middle-aged men comes and says..
    Man 1: Wah, college life so tiring ah. Look so tired.
    Me: Nola uncle, exam week. Have to put in a lot of effort.
    Man 1: Ah but why look so drained!
    Me: Had a tough subject today uncle, slept only at 4am.
    Man 1: HAH! Aiyo not healthy la girl. If I were your dad, I would have spanked you.
    (Melissa and I O.O-gles in shock and amusement)
    Man and Friend gives Uncle-smiles, unaware of the workings of our teenaged minds, and walks into lifts.

    I just washed my hair. I can't stop smelling it.

    1. Blogger meiteoh said:

      You could go to Fashion City, Sungai Besi (on the way to KLCC from Sungai Besi highway) - that's where I got my dress. They have heaps of choices and best part - IT IS VERY AFFORDABLE compared to if you were to go to KLCC or Midvalley and etc. ^_^

    1. Blogger Matty said:

      heyz! I still can't sleep! Here's a scary thought, what if those uncles KNEW what they were talking about *ahem ahem* *cough Cough* *wink nudge*. Ugh.

    1. Blogger infinitium said:

      Looks like the KL List is growing longer.. and longerrrr....

      Sighs. So many things to do, little time.


    1. Blogger sarah said:

      the scarfer,
      Fashion City? thanks! hopefully i won't get lost looking for it as not familiar with sungai besi.

      yuck, you're such a sicko. dahlah listening to paedophillic music already.

      So little time indeed. :)

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