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Desktop Confessional

Instances, they taste like coffee.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

There are instances in life when you get a glimpse of what it really feels like to be in someone else's shoes. The worst/best part was that I didn't even have to try. Most of the times, I try and force myself to see someone else's view, and emphatise with their situations and pleas for sympathy. Why? Because I should, it's the right thing to do.

But today, nope. No effort needed. Just instantly boom, I felt like my mother.

What do you do when you want all the best for one of your friends and try hard as you like to convince her of the "right thing" and etc, it eventually boils down to her decision on what to do with her life? You know that, it's her life and she can damn well do as she please. YOU SO KNOW THAT, so why can't you just get it in your head to trust her to do what she wants? You just want to intervene, do what's best for her, all that crap.

THEN, AH. It hit me. Fck, I really am turning into my mother at age 19. And I can completely understand all the times she didn't want me to do the things I want. So. I shut up, and decided that yeah, people need to learn for themselves. There's no way you can achieve anything by protecting people from experiences, although you do it because you truly care for them. So god speed, god bless, etc.

In another instance in this eventful day in the life of sarah, I realize that I am very much, able to be happy for the people who have had the opposite effect in my life. I am surprised to find myself smiling upon hearing of their good news-es, and can't help but be really proud of their achievements. I suppose the past has become that, the past. And really, I've these people to thank for making, forcing me to go through all the bitterness and learning from them and just, basically, living my life.

So thanks, all the best. God speed, god bless, etc.

(In unrelated matters, male readers of my blog, I'm curious. Are you a butt or boob guy? What's the big deal, really, so asked Meesh today.)

  1. Blogger Embiggened! said:

    Hmm. To be honest, I'd have to say I'm a butt-AND-boobs guy, although I lean heavily towards the former. Someone once posted in my blog about the boob-waist-butt ratio and I think that's the general guideline I follow.

    Caveat emptor, and all that.

  1. Blogger YBLalat said:

    "It hit me. [Fuck], I really am turning into my mother at age 19."

    Why are you so afraid to say the F-word? Come on, say it. It doesn't turn you into a bad person. Everybody swears when they're angry, or enlightened [No offense, Buddha]; that's just a natural reaction thing.

    Back to the topic: Everybody eventually turns into their parents. Daughters turn into their mothers, sons into their dads. Bastards turn into their favorite AF-starts. If not all the way, then maybe just some of the traits will stick.

    Wanna see how we are in 25+ years? Look at our parents. (Them's a happy bunch, right?) It's sad, and demented, but that's how the human genomes work. Ain't it cute.

    "Butt or boobs, [male readers]?"

    Whoa. I remember this one. This is a trick question. It's like, "Do you think I'm beautiful? More beautiful than Shaira, your bio lab classmate?" --there's no right answer! Don't answer! No wait, lie, lie to her! Say she's more beautiful, her boobs are nice, her butt is tantalizing! Oh, no, she knows it's a lie!

    Guys, abort! Abort! Undo! Undo! Press Esc! Esc!

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    butt AND boobs. you're having too much of a good thing, pick one :D !

    i don't type 'fuck' in its entirety because i want to be able to view my blog in college. the damn webmarshall is pretty sensitive, blocks everything and classifies it under pornography. that's basically it. and really, whats the big deal if i dont type it out? it's not like i pronounce it as "FeCK!" or something. :)

    oh dude, chill. i'm not gonna wield an axe and magically appear in front of you, neither am i going to bring up Shaira or anything. so. butt, or boobs? i promise i don't keek. or bite. or have any bodily contact with you that'll result in injury.

  1. Blogger Embiggened! said:

    Darn. You're forcing me to choose.

    On a saturday morning no less. Very well.

    As for the turning into your parents thing, I think I did that when I was 15. I felt so weird, but then it does have its perks.


  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    70% butt, 30% boob.

    God, I sound like I'm ordering meat off the butcher at the meat market....


  1. Blogger mwt said:

    Trust in the spontaneity of your own being and the life that is your own.

    “My life is Mine, and I form it”. Tell yourself this often.

    Create your own life now, using your own beliefs as an artist uses colour. Understand YOUR beliefs form your EXPERIENCES here and follow you there. If you believe in demons, you meet them in this life as “enemies” and in there as “devils or evil spirits”

    You create the life through the inner power of your being, whose source is within YOU and yet BEYOND the selves that you know.

    Do not place the words of gurus, ministers, priests, scientist, psychologists or FRIENDS higher than the FEELINGS of your own being. You can learn much from others but the DEEPEST knowledge must come from within yourself.

    Butt or boobs guy – the BIG deal explanation

    An EXCESS of male lives will turn a personality SOUR in a feminine manner, without the inner understanding and compassion that is usually associated with the female sex.

    In like manner, CONSISTENT feminine personalities will turn HARSH without the inner strength usually associated with the male sex.

    For this reason, MOST entities live lives as male and female (to “strike a balance”) in this physical world.

  1. Blogger Embiggened! said:

    Tell me this: how many of you really understand the above comment? Please,I feel bloody old already without having to spend the rest of my night deciphering obtuse pseudo-cainer like thoughts.

  1. Blogger frus said:

    surprisingly I find myself an equal mix of my mum's and dad's genes. I sometimes can feel like my mum and my dad too.

    and the butt/boob thing, it depends lah. were not picky. if the boob/butt is fantastic we will like it.

  1. Blogger Albert said:

    I'm a fan of porportion; doesn't matter if you're skinny or voluptuous.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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