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Desktop Confessional

Goodbyes silver old Olympus.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

The first thing my dad said to me when I got home today was, "Eh bring your camera over."

So I did.

The second thing he said to me was, "Bring the box and manual over. I'm selling your cam to Uncle Richard."


Ohgawd I never thought there'll come a day where I'd have to part with my old, old, obsolete Olympus C100. I bought it when I was 16/17, and have been using it since then. It's gotten teased loadsa times for being bulky and elephant-esque but I love it so. It may only have 1.3 megapixels, and doesn't have all the cool new features, like being weather-resistant and all.. but it was MINE. There was LOVE.

And now it's gone. Big sigh.


It's a temporary goodbyes to camh0 pictures as well. Won't you be glad to see those go. I hand my crown over to Matty, who tried to come up with me to see me get my eyebrows threaded (the boy has some facsination with it), but the sign said "NO MALES ALLOWED". He waited downstairs, muttering something about sexism.


Apparently, I'm getting this one as a replacement. Wah. Looks really professional, and I am but an amateur. But I guess it's time to move on, and get acquainted with a brand new toy. Erks. I remember how long it took to get used to the old one. Here we go again.

For old times' sake, my fav picture taken with it.

From the side of my dresser drawer, there is a heart etched in wood. Surprising things await you at familiar places.

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    I love that pic of the heart... reminds me very much of certain events that are going on in my life right about now...


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    oh my goodness, you hav 2 let me try the camera once you get it! its a little huge tho no?


  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    Oh my god Sarah! I am so jealous!! (I have an ad for the S5000 and S7000 taped on my closet door. Yes I am a loser. Sue me.)

    Lucky lucky you!! *thinks of ways to trick Dad into getting it for me* ;)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    You got a super cool dad! :p

    I had to work for my camera! And it's expensive, and the prices of lens are killing me! :).


  1. Blogger Orange Genius said:

    Damn, I'm so jealous!! I am working so hard for my Sony DSC-F828 and you get it for free!! :`(

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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