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Desktop Confessional

The edge of Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Well. Social Psychology was pretty tough.
I mean, the lecturer came in in the middle of the exam and was like, "Class, I'm going to give you some hints as I just went to the other hall and no one knows how to answer the essays!"
And she proceeded to give some clues, which was of no help to me anyway, as I couldn't remember the chapter from where the question came from.
:( I studied, I really did.

So I proceeded to answer question 1- Mundane Realism and Psychological Realism- which should social psychologists strive for? because it was all about my opinions, and there I was, BS-ing away. You know how its like, you only have like maybe two/three points but you elaborate and elaborate until it becomes one whole page. Good English and grammar aside, I know absolutely nothing.
Questiom 4 was pretty straightforward- What is Social Psychology and explain why social psychologists are concerned about social influence?

Left the hall with a lot of doubts, but hell. At least its over, I can now move on to studying something OTHER than SP. I know that there doesn't seem like I have any other subjects but I do. It's just that I continually go on about SP, SP and SP.

So next up: Journalism 2, Econs (boo!), Feature Writing and Marketing (BOO!BOO!Not looking forward to it at all.)

Pretty edgy this week. Loads to think about, educational and personal. Feels like I could just tip over and fall.
I cannot wait for Friday- get to have big post-exam meal and watch Collateral. I heard its really, really good.

/end rant.

On the edge. Posted by Hello

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    just 3 more days.. hang in there!

    Oh, and I heard late-nite Skype conversations can do wonders for the stressed soul......


  1. Blogger Orange Genius said:

    I used to read "Sup Ayam" to help me see the brighter side of this world. Well, it did miracle to my life and I hope it'll helps you. :)

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