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Desktop Confessional

Disease: Trigger Happiness.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yo. How you doing?
I'm great. At least, I think I am. I bring my digicam to college almost everyday now, trying to get used to it and all. Friends tolerate my frantic whipping-out-of-cam whenever I see something I think is interesting. And what I think is interesting is usually things no one thinks is interesting, like say, a glass of lime juice. So I get weird stares as well, but because new digicam looks professional, I let them think I'm this amazing photographer with my spiffy looking equiptment. Lies, all lies! Bwahaha. People are so easily deceived.

Went to Petaling Street today to order bouquets and corsages for the upcoming Dinner & Dance and wanted to kick myself for not bringing the digicam along. Now, PS is one place that could kick Trigger Happiness into overdrive. It's quite interesting looking at all the flower stalls tucked in back alleys and corners, their flowers blooming in a variety of colours against the dilapidated, dull and forgotten walls of old shophouses.

If only I had my camera.

Weekend's looking busy- tomorrow Jazz Fest at Mont Kiara, the weekend will have me furiously backing up my files on this PC as I'm returning it to its rightful owner. I'm quite sad about it actually. Means I gotta go back to the Mac. Anyone willing to buy me a PC? No? Thought so.

How's your weekend looking like?

  1. Blogger Albert said:

    I like the fingers.jpg... the frets of the guitar look so shiny. I should be bumping into you at the jazz fest.

  1. Blogger frus said:

    most of your shots have this closeup approach. As if seeing through a mouse's eyes. Nice!

  1. Blogger Orange Genius said:

    Beautiful pictures! Way to go, sweetie.

  1. Blogger r47z™ said:

    i shud be bumin into u tonight @ jazz fest too

    nice pics!!! thumbs up!

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    yeah the sun was shining in at that moment.

    thank you. mouse eyes are cool.

    Orange Genius,

    tak nampak you also!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    the pictures are all really great.is gives you the feeling of freshness. proude of what you do and keep the spirit up!

  1. Blogger Regina said:

    My fingers are so popular now. woot.

  1. Blogger xman said:

    nice shots :)

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