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Desktop Confessional

To bed, to bed.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

This is the time of the night I like the most- 2 AM, where everything's just peaceful. My house is a fury of activity and noise most of the time. My dad has this annoying habit of acquiring a lot of IKEA stuff, which requires DIY. And DIY, my friends, is noisy. All the drilling, hammering and swearing makes me want to nail something into my ears. My brother is an obnoxious 17 year old with a loud taste in music (<3). My ma .. well, my ma is quiet, save the typical lectures. It was her birthday earlier tonight- lovely 47.

She's ageing with grace, my ma. I do hope that grace is somehow hereditary. I don't ever want to grow into one of those mothers who are so caught up in the loss of their youth, that they dress like their teenaged daughter and wear about as much make-up. I see them all the time in malls. They're impossibly thin for someone with kids, and have cleavage that would put a 20 year-old to shame.

It's just wrong la. You should be beautiful in all ways at that age, not slutty. Isn't it fcking mad to have me, an 18 year old, wanting to go up to you and asking you to put a sweater on? What the hell, talk about a role reversal.

I'm not always this bitchy. :) Don't back away from me, pleeeeeease.

Friday night was spent finishing up an assignment- the first out of three for the weekend, all due on Monday and Tuesday. This is all beginning to feel familiar again- college workload has just started to pile up. Watch this space for more college-related fun! Yesssss.

Archie is a jerk, I don't know why Betty puts up with him. She'll always come second to Veronica, god knows why.

Spiderman 2 was great.

I watched Sex and the City series finale earlier this week. OMG, cried like a kid whose icecream cone was stolen by an insecure 12 year-old. But it ends happy, so I'm glad.

I need to get some sleep because I have to wake up before noon for lunch tomorrow. And also because I will need it to protect self and friend (mainly self) from insane shopaholics in MNG.

Til then, goodbye to the week and goodnight to all.

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