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Desktop Confessional

Points of Friday past.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Got out of Marketing to find my friends having a crying session.
Wanted to stay for 5 minutes, but ended up blowing Academic Writing to sit and talk about everything and anything. Girly bonding, so amazing.
We decided that after such revelations and emotions have been revealed, the only thing left to do was eat.
And we ate our afternoon away at TGIF, with Josh being the only male. You all must feel for the guy's position. It's not easy being surrounded by girls who are at that moment, SO very in touch with their emotions, more so than ever.
We went from teary, to singing and dancing out loud to Madonna's "Like A Virgin" and other 80s goodies.
It was just TOO fun. And the food was TOO good.
I rushed home to get ready for KLue's Chillout Series at Midvalley.
It was really, really good. Nothing's better than acoustic music. Just music in its purest, rawest form.
I got to meet Pete Teo who is a really nice guy. No pretentiousness at all. He gave us some prepaid cards so we can download music legally from Music Canteen.
Met a whole bunch of very interesting people there. Am looking forward to see more of their performances.
Came home at midnight like Cinderella after circling around Bangsar for parking. Dad complained that hair smelled of ciggarettes.
Cleaned up, came online, didn't feel like talking cos 2 of the people I look forward to most in IM conversations have both gone on holidays! I want a holiday too!
Saw durian cake in the fridge, devoured it. First time eating it and I must say, won't be my last.

Thinking of going to Fusion's Day Out in Hartmas on Sunday but where the heck is JamAsia Bistro anyway? Or Plaza Crystalville for the matter.
Lead singer of Disagree very cute.
Yeah, that wasn't necessary but he's cute.
Here we are foreign to their world
Straight and composed, your sermons I can do without
And I finally found that everybody loves to love you
When you're far away

Better Than Ezra (so good!), At The Stars

  1. Blogger Blip said:

    scary lar the guy..

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    the disagree guy? nonsense- he looks like a teddy bear ;p
    do you have a blog? cos i'd like to visit.

  1. Blogger Silly Wabbit said:

    That's one thing that guys can NEVER do - REAL bonding session. Guys bonding sessions are just an excuse for them to hang-out. Haha!

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    well, "1 of 2 people you look forward to most in IM conversations" has just returned from a Great Island Escapade.... and just between me and you, he missed the IM conversations between the two of you too :P


  1. Blogger Albert said:

    He gave you a prepaid card? That's way better than a lighter!

    Plaza Crystalville is in Hartamas. Imagine walking out of the fire station, to the right; it has a car showroom and Maybank. JamAsia is behind, upstairs. Keep an ear out for the noise. You find Zahid cute?

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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