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Desktop Confessional

"Look for the girl with the broken smile"

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I hate it when lecturers put too much expectations on you. Like, you're this good student: gets the grades, participates in class discussions and is never late with assignments. And then one day you act irresponsibly in class, and they jump straight down your throat. It's hardly fair. We're sorry for what we did but we're not bloody goody-two-shoes students all the time. Take for example, my friend didn't do too great for a quiz yesterday and she usually does amazingly. It's hardly motivating to have the lecturer tell you, "I expected more from you." Come on! It's only a quiz! And 18 over 25 isn't a pathetic mark, is it? Cut her some slack!
As you can probably tell, the morning didn't go too well. Not only did we kena-ed in Social Pysch, we walk into Feature Writing to find Natasha in a foul mood because the allocation of classes were screwed up. Class was unusually silent for the next hour because we were all treading carefully around her, fearing that we'll somehow piss her off some more with our endless whining about how we think our writing SUCK.
The lesson I learnt early this morning: organize your wardrobe! You know how we always say that you've absolutely NOTHING to wear, and have this NEED to go shopping? Well don't! Save money, and go look in the mess that is your wardrobe. Like what I did today. Sick of wearing the things I normally wore, I rummaged around and managed to find this top with red and black stripes. I haven't worn it since Semester 1 because I thought the horizontal stripes made me look like a house but wah. It looked pretty nice today and has now become my favourite top at the moment. Oh ya and I conveniently had earrings that had the EXACT same red and black stripes. The common reaction I got today was, "EEEH.. your earrings are the same as your top!". Well yes my dears, it is but I swear I didn't buy them as a package or anything. So.. today, I either looked really cool.... or really lame. Nevermind.
And I got mail today! REAL mail, all the way from Penang! My god I haven't had snail mail in such a long time, that I got quite excited to see my name on an envelope that didn't have my college's logo. Anyway, snail mail was courtesy of Jase, whose blog you HAVE to visit because, Jase is like, the coolest metrosexual you'll ever meet (:D).
So anyway, inside the envelope was a collection of 10 burned CDs, and a Microsoft Update CD (eh?).  Oh so happy. Have a collection of Maroon 5's acoustic songs (excellent), and Jewel, Alanis, to name a few. Going to put Maroon 5 on and go to sleep. Nevermind the fact that I have yet another essay to be written and handed in tomorrow. I mean.. what else is new? It seems like I write an article everyday now. Time for some acoustica.

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    "the coolest metrosexual you'll ever meet"? ermm.. thanks! i think!

    The pleasure is mine....


  1. Blogger meiteoh said:

    Because lecturers sometimes live in this fear that an 18 over 25 is the beginning of the journey downhill for some students. Trust me. Coming from a lecturer's perspective, I can understand why he/she was hard on your friend. Why? You said it so yourself. Your friend usually does amazing and suddenly she stopped doing well - even though it's just that one time.

    Lecturers don't like seeing failure. We don't like seeing people do mediocre when we know that they can aim for the stars. We see plenty of potential in people to the point where it gets saddening when the student doesn't realize it themselves AND embrace it. We have enough of mediocre people scoring 18 over 25. The country and society itself needs people who are above that. Hence we push.


    Because we care.

    ps: Would you rather have a lecturer who doesn't give a shit about how you do?

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    :) can request for more cds next time? hehe. jk.

    the scarfer,
    Thanks, i do appreciate the view from a lecturer. i was actually more annoyed with the fact that the lecturer sometimes do not know how much impact a simple sentence can be to a student's esteem. "i expected more from you" could be better phrased, i thought, to inspire instead of to dampen the spirit. :)

  1. Blogger ryuu said:

    errr, i guess there's such thing as reverse psychology.

    heard of the story of the father who cares a lot but put up a fierce front, seemed to be expecting a lot and the son/daughter just can never seem to please him?

    it's just his style.

    what the lecturer did, is actually a compliment, since he/she thinks so highly of your friend to give such a remark. if he/she thinks oh-she's-mediocre of your friend, then he/she won't even make an effort to comment.

    ask your fren to cheer up! go for retail therapy instead of fuming ;)

  1. Blogger kyl said:

    Yup, you do look good in that...and the stripes really match with the mat in the background of ur photo : )

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    and you heard what the daughter/son thought all this while? that their dad was a meanie. :D heh.

    i'm personally anti-reverse psychology. all the mind games is just too much to take. be honest, yanno? :)

    lol, they DO match. hmm!

  1. Blogger loonatik said:

    Looking forward to read your online dating article. :)

  1. Blogger r47z™ said:

    that tag is part of lyrics from a song by Pete Teo. Interesting metrosexual-lity post.
    acoustica- get some incubus unplugged. g00d schiat.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    it's with my lecturer now. but yeah, i might post all my articles up here for laughs :)

    r47z™ ,
    i looove incubus, they're rocking. did you go for their concert? twas damn good.

  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    fuck. jase never send me anything!

  1. Blogger r47z™ said:

    yea i was there. it was r0ckin!!!!

  1. Blogger ryuu said:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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