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Desktop Confessional

Early Monday morning.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Huh. Where did the weekend go? It went by in a blur, the only thing I remember doing was reading this book, watching Malaysian Idol, answering an interview and struggling to finish an essay.

A 2 page essay, double spaced and it took me a whole day to finish it. What the hell am I doing in Journalism, I sometimes wonder.

But I did it after much procrastination. I'd spend about 15 minutes looking up some information, and then another 20 minutes talking to my brother. Get back to the PC, and then decide I need orange juice. And then water. I guzzle it down. Oops, toilet break. Research some more. Ugh, research- definitely the most hateful word I know.

Repeat above steps about 10 times and that was how my day went.

But it's done! 'Technology- A Double Edged Sword' is waiting to be printed and handed in ON TIME to lecturer.

I also found out to my dismay that I can not pull off caps, hats or anything that needs to be on my odd head.

Fisherman hat makes me look like a bloody tourist. And that's the reason why I don't grin- because I will have no eyes.

I'm rather fond of posing with fish lips. I know I look stupid, but that's inherent to my nature anyway.

Yeah. So the photo taking took up half an hour of precious assignment time as well.

I'm the undisputed Lord Supreme of Procrastination. The dictionary should have my picture under 'P'.

(And maybe under 'C' for camh0)

  1. Blogger sixthseal said:

    what weekend?
    mine disappeared too. *shrugs*

    btw, that second hat looks good on you.

  1. Blogger james said:

    Yes, I second that... erm... second hat.

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    hahaha... man you look touristy :P

    2nd one looks pretty alright.... you could probably pull off the Drill Sargeant look if you didn't grin...


  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    Hello ma love...
    yes... this is your beloved evil friend Michelle..

    Yeah, don't worry, i can't pull off on hats either. The second hat is okay... maybe you need a different color...?

    hey anyway, check my blog out. irashiagrayskies.blogspot.com
    ain't nothing great but hey! what are evil friends for huh?


  1. Blogger sarah said:

    LOL. thanks guys, i'll stick to caps next time.


    hi michellev v! come sit next to me! :D

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