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Desktop Confessional

Brimful of CDs on the 45.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I know I owe my parents a lot. Like, for Life and putting up with my life for 18+ years now. For putting clothes on my back, and though they were dorky choices- they were clothes and and I wasn't naked. For feeding me and making me eat even when I didn't want to, and now I'm this crazy woman in love with food. For putting me in school, and letting me make decisions about what I want to do. Well, to a degree at least.

But besides the basic necessitites, I owe my dad, especially, for playing music in the house all the time when I was growing up, and now I'm this crazy woman in love with music.

My dad has a huge collection of CDs (thousands, really). Now usually, my dad has a nasty habit of untidiness. I should know since I pick up after him. He'll leave coffee cups under his bed for DAYS; comes home from work and removes his socks only to leave them on the floor. I'll clean up the coffee table and it'll be all organized over the weekdays, but come the weekend- it's completely messed up by his paraphernalia. So for him to have his CDs kept soooo nicely in a quaint little corner is really something quite new to me.

I love coming to his CD Corner because I'm really amazed by how many he actually has. I've never met anyone else who has a CD collection THIS extensive. Everytime I look through the collection, I get a surprise because I somehow discover some brand new CD I haven't noticed before. Like today: I found Jeff Beck. I didn't even know my dad listened to him.

When I was younger, I never used to understand why he bothered spending so much cash on them. He told me a long time ago that the reason he bought so many CDs was because he never could as a kid. It must have been torture: growing up and hearing all those songs over the radio and never having the oppurtunity to listen to the song again until the next time he gets near a radio, or a TV. Both luxury items back in the days.

And that's the difference between then and now. We hear a good song, and it sticks in our head. But unlike last time when you had to wait and pray that it comes on again, we get online, download the song and put it on repeat mode until we get sick of it. There's not much of an appreciation there.

My dad doesn't buy CDs anymore- he's doing the Malaysian thing now, ie pirated. I think it's a shame somehow because there was so much personality in his CD collection. Now it's just stagnant and never growing. I'm not anti-piracy or pro-piracy, but I'm the type who's willing to spend money on CDs. And why not, right? I mean, some people have their car modifying thing, some people buy gadgets. I don't get why people think its a waste of money to spend on original CDs. If taken care for properly, they could probably outlast your old car model and obsolete technology. Bleks! :p

And oh yes, I used to steal these particular CDs from him. He'll find them missing and know to come looking for me:

The Beatles, like the absolute best band ever.

  1. Blogger K. Light said:

    It's against the law to not like The Beatles. :)

    My dad too gave me a ticket to ride the magical mystery tour with John,Paul,George and Ringo. I think it was the 1962-1966 collection. I remember it being very chirpy.

    Been a fan ever since.

  1. Blogger Nadiah said:

    I need to go over to your place and admire that collection for myself. My parents never buy cds, bah.

  1. Blogger sashi said:

    i was born listening to the beatles. and by god, i will die listening to them too..
    "we all live in a yellow submarine,
    a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine..."

  1. Blogger graceshu said:

    wah 0_o

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    I have that 1962-66 album! or rather, my dad. whats missing is the 1966 onwards one. i believe its blue in colour. i soo remember seeing it last time, now its nowhere to be found :(

    at least YOU buy cds. i'm too broke for them these days, sigh.

    yeah i can see myself playing their CDs in cars with my kids complaining in the back abt "old music" already.

    yess it's ogle worthy ;p

  1. Blogger Sara said:

    Whoa, your dad's CD collection is impressive! I love collecting CDs too, both pirated and original, and my mother can never truly understand why I spend so much money on music. Your dad should have a talk with my mother one day hehe...

  1. Blogger KinkyPugKevin said:

    that's more than mine! i got about 400over cds and counting! i love music! this is just ridiculously cool! i want them all!!!

  1. Blogger infinitium said:

    WHOA! Ok, the only place I've seen THAT many CDs is at the records store. Wowness! :)

    It's raining cats n dogs outside... and I strangely have "raindrops are falling on my head" stuck in my head right now....


  1. Blogger Jack said:

    hi there sarah, sarah! found your blog via ash's, and oh wow! that's an impressive collection of CDs!!!111!!1 what more ... jeff beck! what a cool dad. hahaha. i like the beatles too but only the revolver era more than anything else.

    the band i love most is the velvet underground (and the dave matthews band, of course). i'm certain your dad has got them among his gazillions of CDs.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    :D they should. but my dad will probably convince her to get some pirated DVDs insted since that's his obsession now.

    400 is good! my dad's 49, so dont worry, you got some years to catch up with him hehe.

    it's been raining a lot these days but i kinda like it, esp when i'm at home in my bed :) damn warm and all.

    he doesn't have either actually. but i do :) DMB anyway.

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