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Desktop Confessional

Alcohol and honesty.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Do you know what, to me, is a wretched existence?

I watched Evanescence's video, Everybody's Fool, with a weird sense of facsination. Wasn't paying too much attention to the music, but just the concept of the video itself was.. disturbing. In the video, Amy Lee (lead singer) is this famous actress/model who appears in all these ads on TV, billboards. And from the outside, she seems like she has everything, but we get scenes from how she is when she's alone. And it's just horrible. It was typical to a sense. Empty room, empty bottles. She's just laying there and her makeup is running and she looks messed up. She goes to the mirror, and grabs hold of the sink and I guess, grab hold of herself because she starts grinning.. and it's this deranged grin. Then, there are images of her appearing in ads on TV just being this hyper, smiley, insanely happy person when inside, she is the total opposite.

That is THE most wretched existence. Where everything is fake.

The video freaked me out a little because I can see that happening, for real. I mean to a certain extent, we're all putting up appearances to the world, although it probably wasn't as dramatic as it was in the video. I can't think of the amount of times I wanted to fck the world off and be properly sad without the fear of sounding, looking and being pathetic, or caring what anyone else thought.

Can we be honest? Ever? Just complete honesty. Say what we want, do what we want and mean it. Acceptance is so essential to every single one of us, and I guess most of us fear that Ourselves are just too much for other people to bear.

Come to think of it. Who are WE really? I find it hard to define Myself already.

I don't know why there are such long, boring campaigns to help curb underaged drinking, or to lessen our consumption of alcohol in general. Threre's no need for elaborate explanations of what alcohol does to your liver. There isn't even a need for the BEFORE and AFTER visuals of the poor liver. Just have them alcoholics look at these pictures. Here's an example (nicked from Cris):

I gurantee that it'll turn you off booze for a while.

(Oh yes, and Jase- you better look at them before you head off to Redang to get sloshed!)

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