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Desktop Confessional

That's the way we get by.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Oh, relief- my first week back in college has come and gone!
Before I can rejoice in the coming of the weekend, I have to remind myself that,

1) I have to work on Saturday evening.
I do some part-time for this educational company called Mad Science, and their MO is basically to introduce science to kids in a fun, different manner. Imagine, me- girl who flunked most of her Science subjects in secondary school- helping kids learn about science. The irony. The parents would have a fit if I were ever to be discovered. Thankfully though, the experiments and all are pretty elementary, nothing to do with protons, and neutrons, and electrons (what are those things again?). Tomorrow I'm helping out in 2 birthday parties which actually means free cotton candy. And cake. MMM.

2) I have to read a book for Academic Writing course
We're supposed to read a novel by July 4th and then come to class and discuss about it. Isn't this like the best homework EVER? I could even cheat. Like, not read a book and just take the latest book I read ('The Da Vinci Code') and discuss that. But my friend loaned me the whole 'Flowers in the Attic' series, and I'm really tempted to start on that soon.

3) Write entries for my Learning Log
I figure a few episodes of 'Sex and the City' would provide enough inspiration.

4) Write a review of 5 songs for Feature Writing course
Oh, I will take delight in completing this assignment. I reckon I'd just pull off the top 5 most played songs on my playlist which, right now, are:
Boyzone's "All That You Need" (oh shut up!)
Jason Mraz's "Curbside Prophet"
Jack Johnson's "The Horizon Has Been Defeated"
The 88's "How Good It Could Be"
The Streets' "Fit"

Bleh. Not much of a weekend now that I look at it.

  1. Blogger Rajiv Finn said:

    jason mraz has some excellent pieces. one thing i tell myself every monday - at least ive got something to do rather than bumming around saturday afternoons. i love college more than anything in the world. (cept my mommy and my daddy and my two dogs) err yes my brother and sister's come after college.

  1. Blogger Diana said:

    no 2 does sound so interesting. In my opinion, it IS the best homework ever. Your major is interesting, I wish I chose that as my major.

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Jason Mraz has the most amazing lyrics. and ditto about college :)

    Best homework that I've yet to start :p only finished no 1 and no 3 so far. ah well, 50% isn't bad!

  1. Blogger Sara said:

    How come your assignments sound a thousand times more interesting than any of the assignments I've ever done? I could fall asleep doing mine I tell ya hehehe...

    Oh, and I hope you don't mind but we've linked you on our blog :)

  1. Blogger ~* Clamer Chiq *~ said:

    Tell me bout it! The novel may be YOUR (and June....and Messh) BEST assignment....but it ain't mine. I hate reading & i'm in page 20 now.....*clap clap*

  1. Blogger ryuu said:

    on point 1, not so weird/ironic in my point of view. since u said u don't really like science subjects, it could be the time you re-discover the science-adventuristic side of u, and figure out what's wrong with the education system that makes so many kids hate the subject, and not being able to learn what's supposed to be fun (science) in the first place.

    and u can start with yourself! :)

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    hi namesake! and go ahead and link. i read your blog too, and you guys have really interesting things to say. will link you soon :)

    page20! *claps* you can do it- i mean if pigs can fly, you definitely can finish it right? :D

    true true. the problem is that i suck at science so bad that its ironic that im "teaching" it (sorta). general science okla, but chem, bio and physics in secondary school was a NIGHTMARE. red marks everywhere!

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