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Desktop Confessional

First day, last semester, new love.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

My evolution of becoming a nerd is almost complete.
First came the near perfect attendance, as opposed to the last years of secondary school where me and my friends ponteng-ed almost everyday to go to the mamak down the road.
Next came the overzealous, bordering on annoying behaviour of finishing assignments way ahead of schedule (way ahead= a day before).
Then came the good grades. YES YES I'M AN OVERACHIEVER, bah. I like it! And I worked for it so SHUSH.

NOW! Now, I actually have a favourite subject!
Before, I just sat through my subjects; never really loving it or hating it. Not really having an opinion about it because I was doing just fine in all my subjects, and that was enough.
It was all about just doing well, and getting on with things. And I liked what I did because I was good at it.

But it's a new semester people, and might I add: my last.

My new favourite subject is Feature Writing, being taught by one Natasha MH. If you're a regular reader of CLEO magazine, you might recognize the name because she used to be the Deputy Editor at the Features department.

When she told the class, I was like "WOAH. Okay, I'm impressed. I will start paying attention now."

What I like about this class is that it's about writing. We had Journalism 1 last semester and the focus of that class was reporting, and there's a huge difference between the two. Writing is what I really love- that's one of the biggest reasons why I own a blog in the first place. I like how writing can be about anything, and there aren't any strict rules to follow- allowing more flexibility and creativity. Writing is about opinions and ideas, reporting is about relating the facts of what already happened.

The things I love most about the class:
  • Keeping a Learning Log, in which we have to jot down everyday about the things we have learnt in the day itself. It could be from a conversation you had, a song you heard, a movie you watched- ANYTHING.
  • Assignments that extend beyond campus grounds! This is the first time ever we get to do something PRACTICAL. We get to go to events organized by say, KLUE magazine and it is part of COLLEGE WORK. How cool is that?!
  • Getting to watch movies and the only thing we have to do later, is CRITICIZE the damn thing.
  • Incorportating "photography, music, art and writing" during Week 6.

    To name but a few.

    Did I also mention that besides this class, we have Academic Writing and Journalism 2? Yes, I forsee a semester with loads of writing (<3), words and essays.

    Bring it on, I say. :D

    1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

      Hie, Nilesh here...
      May I ask how long(months, years) is the studies of journalism? Because I love writing too. And I was considering to take up a course on it...

      thanx in advance...

      best of luck for your final semester

    1. Blogger Elizabeth said:

      Hi! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. And I think I know you.. aren't you in Taylor's. Even bigger question,aren't you in BRATs? I was from the same workshop or something... Langkawi 2001

    1. Blogger sarah said:

      Nilesh: well, i'm enrolled under mass communications. it's a 2 year diploma course. the first year, we do basic foundation stuff- and that goes on for 2 semesters. in the third semester, you choose your major out of PR, journalism or advertising.

      lyzzt: HAHA, what a small world. yeah i was in the BRATs langkawi 2001 camp. and yeah at Taylor's too.

    1. Blogger Coffee Addict said:

      a future journalist, eyy? ehm... interesting life, job and person... ;)

    1. Blogger Coffee Addict said:

      lucky u guyz got the chance Bratting...is it something to do wif the nstp thingy?

    1. Blogger sarah said:

      :p thanks for saying i'm interesting.

      BRATs is the one for The Star actually.

    1. Blogger Carnival said:

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