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Desktop Confessional

Circumnavigating my world.

Friday, June 18, 2004

It's Friday night. 9.50 pm.
And I'm sleepy!
Not a sentence you would expect from an 18 year-old, eh?

I suppose it has to do with (trying) to wake up at 7.45 am (AM!) today. Struggled, tossed, turned, almost rolling off the bed in an attempt to sleep after watching England put in 3 beautiful goals early in the morning! Was a rather.. lacklustre match, but I suppose well worth staying up to see England win. (Finally.)

So yeah, met up with some friends over breakfast. Talked lots, gossiped little, laughed much. There was a pregnant pause after all the hoo-hah, and that was when we decided to hey, let's maybe catch a movie at Sunway Pyramid.

So three of us jumped into a cab and was on our way to Pyramid, when the driver turned around and said, "Wah. It's really jammed at the traffic lights. Can we go down and make a U-turn instead?"

I thought the U-turn to Pyramid was no more, but then we saw some blue signs saying ALTERNATIVE U TURN TO PYRAMID! 500 M AHEAD!

Hurrah! No more 20-minute-drives to Pyramid, cheered us. Went down the tunnel and the cab driver whistled whilst driving, happy to be un-jammed (alright, so he didn't whistle, but I'm sure he had a "zip-pe-dee-doo-dah" moment).

He drove. And drove. And drove.

After 10 minutes I was pretty sure that we were more than "500 M AHEAD!". And lo and behold, like a mirage that we didn't really want in the first place, the NPE HIGHWAY TOLL BOOTH loomed before our very eyes. YESSSSS. THE RM1.60 one! So now what was supposed to be an RM5 cab drive just went really, really WRONG.

So apparently (according to Lyn.. or was it Josh?), after Blue Sign exclaimed "ALTERNATIVE U TURN TO PYRAMID! 500 M AHEAD!", there was a (very fine, shite you Blue-Sign-Maker!) print that said, KEEP LEFT. Which to me, didn't really make sense because when we went down the tunnel, Pyramid was on our right, so why should we keep LEFT?

So instead of going to Pyramid, we ended up at Midvalley.

But because we were there so early on a non-school-holiday day and a weekday (wow, that's a lot of 'day's) to boot- there were no lines!

(You have no idea how momentous it is for me to go to GSC Midvalley and not see lines up to McDs so shardup ;p !)

Around the World in 80 Days is HILARIOUS! Which was really surprising because I was ready for it to suck a little, but I laughed so much. It's got SO MANY CAMEOS that jus made my friends and I go, "EH EH! THAT'S ____ !"

Let's see, on the Hollywood side we have: Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cleese, Rob Schneider, Macy Gray (!), Kathy Bates, Luke and Owen Wilson .. and I know there are more but I just can't remember right now.

And in Hong Kong we have: Karen Mok, Sammo Hung, Daniel Wu (*squee*), Maggie Q.

Great movie, really feel-good. And Phileas Fogg has the funniest lines. I would do a review, but I suppose this entry is going to be long enough without me going on and on about why you should go watch this movie over say, Day After Tomrorrow.

We had Baskin Robbins' and a really long conversation about DVDs, Redang, sleaze-city Genting, Perhentian, astronomy, racism, ghosts and the Highland Towers.

I was really shocked and sad to hear that Josh lost his aunt and cousins in the tragedy. I was even more surpised to hear that he was there 5 minutes before the apartments collasped, and that his mom was on the phone with his aunt when it did. I didn't know this about him and right there in Baskin Robbins', over ice cream, I wanted to cry.

I've never lost any of my loved ones in an accident, or tragedy or anything other than old age before. I've never seen any of my relatives suffer because of a disease, I never had to cope with a life unexpectedly taken. The most I ever went through was seeing my grandmother in the hospital earlier this year and even that, absolutely gutted me.

I suppose I just realized how blessed I am today. When I hear of stories like these, I suddenly am so grateful that everyone I love is still in my life and doing okay. I don't know how I would take it if I woke up one day and was told that one of my relatives died in a crash as I slept.

It would be too much for me to handle.

It's 11.15 pm now. I'm really not that slow a typer, but my popularity just increased over at MSN. I shall circulate right now.

  1. Blogger ryuu said:

    err. u type a lot. cheers!

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    HAHA i know. it must come from being able to talk alot.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Shite I should've watched that instead of freaking 'Honey'. By the way, the U-turn to Sunway is actually a small, one-lane turning on the left. Watch the left after those signs. My mum did an Olympian, tyres screeching brake manuvre when we nearly missed that turning and then nearly run into an oncoming motorcycle when we thought that the road was one-way.


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