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Desktop Confessional

Brain freezes over.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Inane online conversations make me feel like stuffing my arm up my throat and reaching for my brains; ripping it out and then just stomping on it REPEATEDLY. Until all that is left is just a gooey mess of matter!

I'm fairly certain that that would be less painful than having to carry a conversation with someone with the IQ of, oh I don't know.. 15. And the personality of a dead fish.

But wait, before all of you start backing away from talking to me online, let me first say that I'm generally, really nice. And witty. Amusing, interested in you, polite..

Oh, I could sing praises about me all day!

(Okla time for some humility. :p)

Seriously though, I'm the kind that makes an effort when conducting a conversation online. Like, I'll ask you a 101 questions and hope that we'll reach that sacred level where conversation just flows, and topics jump out of other topics. OOH, I think I live for conversations like that.

But you know, good conversation is hard to come by. Even good friends find it hard to always find something interesting to talk about. And that's totally normal, I guess. Somedays people run out of fuel to pique our interest. Somedays I don't have any energy to mantain a conversation that totally bores me, and that includes good friends. No offense intended if I appear to be unresponsive; I'm either:

a) Tired and/or distracted
b) Not getting enough from you to continue

But generally, it makes my day when I manage to have a really nice conversation with someone I only met online. The internet, IMHO, is filled with the most interesting strangers that I'm so eager to meet. (Non-pyscho interesting strangers, please.)

I like making new friends that share the same interests or the most different of opinions. I just like.. people. I like getting to know them, I like to know what makes them tick. Your lives interest me, no matter how boring you think it is. You could say, "work is a bitch" and I would be curious enough to know more.

That's how I am. Just interested in you and everything else. Maybe I'm nosy, but being nosy itself is considered a good thing in my field, Mass Communications.

Ah, but here comes the ugly side of IM conversations that leaves my brain in a mush. Talking to someone so boring, so predictable and so .. pervy. Yuck. There I was, just talking to someone who added me on Y! and everything seems to be going okay until the fella asks the most blatant, pervy questions. Needless to say, I clicked on IGNORE and tried to get my brain to work again after 45 minutes of mindless, inane dribble.

Currently, my brain is still reeling from the after-effects. The only thing that save it right now is some stimulating sex conversation!

I think I probably scared everyone off by now. BAH.

  1. Blogger jingz 晶晶 said:

    thanx fer dropping by.. ya sometimes chatting up with someone with brain freezed is kinda boring.. used to chat a lot in mirc years ago.. but now.. been only meeting ppl askin for cyber sex thr.. Yet, i'm not all dissapointed.. i still meet interesting ppl out there..

  1. Blogger jingz 晶晶 said:

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  1. Blogger jingz 晶晶 said:

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  1. Blogger c.ho said:

    mm.. u know what i hate most? is when i attempt to make conversation.. and all i get back is a ..."uh huh.." 'yep' 'mmm...'

    but then again. i do agree that it's really hard to find things to talk about. oh well, u never know you might just stumble across some really interesting topic:)

  1. Blogger shadow on the sun said:

    After my first real long break from IM and mIRC, I decided to get back on line. This was like, a couple of yrs ago. Things have definitely changed. 1996-1999 : IM and mIRC was the meeting, stomping and bastion of the smart but shy,the outgoing but lonely, the idealistic but mute, etc. By 2000 it has turned into a pervy playground.Me, a guy , complains abt all these perverts because they're scaring away all the nice girls out there! Darn them I say!!!

  1. Blogger Applegal said:

    Yar, I just hate it when pervy guys hit on people shamelessly, especially if you have a cutesy name like Babygirl or Spicegal, you're looking for trouble! ^_^

    If some perv is making lewd remarks, sometimes I pretend to be my dad saying: "Who's this? Are you my daughter's friend? This is her dad. Do I know you young man??" XD

  1. Blogger hansw said:

    Applegal - good idea! hehe. for a guy, maybe we could pretend to be the mum. but that'd be a bit odd.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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