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Desktop Confessional

That's the way we get by.

Saturday, June 26, 2004
12:09 AM

Oh, relief- my first week back in college has come and gone!
Before I can rejoice in the coming of the weekend, I have to remind myself that,

1) I have to work on Saturday evening.
I do some part-time for this educational company called Mad Science, and their MO is basically to introduce science to kids in a fun, different manner. Imagine, me- girl who flunked most of her Science subjects in secondary school- helping kids learn about science. The irony. The parents would have a fit if I were ever to be discovered. Thankfully though, the experiments and all are pretty elementary, nothing to do with protons, and neutrons, and electrons (what are those things again?). Tomorrow I'm helping out in 2 birthday parties which actually means free cotton candy. And cake. MMM.

2) I have to read a book for Academic Writing course
We're supposed to read a novel by July 4th and then come to class and discuss about it. Isn't this like the best homework EVER? I could even cheat. Like, not read a book and just take the latest book I read ('The Da Vinci Code') and discuss that. But my friend loaned me the whole 'Flowers in the Attic' series, and I'm really tempted to start on that soon.

3) Write entries for my Learning Log
I figure a few episodes of 'Sex and the City' would provide enough inspiration.

4) Write a review of 5 songs for Feature Writing course
Oh, I will take delight in completing this assignment. I reckon I'd just pull off the top 5 most played songs on my playlist which, right now, are:
Boyzone's "All That You Need" (oh shut up!)
Jason Mraz's "Curbside Prophet"
Jack Johnson's "The Horizon Has Been Defeated"
The 88's "How Good It Could Be"
The Streets' "Fit"

Bleh. Not much of a weekend now that I look at it.

First day, last semester, new love.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
7:12 PM

My evolution of becoming a nerd is almost complete.
First came the near perfect attendance, as opposed to the last years of secondary school where me and my friends ponteng-ed almost everyday to go to the mamak down the road.
Next came the overzealous, bordering on annoying behaviour of finishing assignments way ahead of schedule (way ahead= a day before).
Then came the good grades. YES YES I'M AN OVERACHIEVER, bah. I like it! And I worked for it so SHUSH.

NOW! Now, I actually have a favourite subject!
Before, I just sat through my subjects; never really loving it or hating it. Not really having an opinion about it because I was doing just fine in all my subjects, and that was enough.
It was all about just doing well, and getting on with things. And I liked what I did because I was good at it.

But it's a new semester people, and might I add: my last.

My new favourite subject is Feature Writing, being taught by one Natasha MH. If you're a regular reader of CLEO magazine, you might recognize the name because she used to be the Deputy Editor at the Features department.

When she told the class, I was like "WOAH. Okay, I'm impressed. I will start paying attention now."

What I like about this class is that it's about writing. We had Journalism 1 last semester and the focus of that class was reporting, and there's a huge difference between the two. Writing is what I really love- that's one of the biggest reasons why I own a blog in the first place. I like how writing can be about anything, and there aren't any strict rules to follow- allowing more flexibility and creativity. Writing is about opinions and ideas, reporting is about relating the facts of what already happened.

The things I love most about the class:
  • Keeping a Learning Log, in which we have to jot down everyday about the things we have learnt in the day itself. It could be from a conversation you had, a song you heard, a movie you watched- ANYTHING.
  • Assignments that extend beyond campus grounds! This is the first time ever we get to do something PRACTICAL. We get to go to events organized by say, KLUE magazine and it is part of COLLEGE WORK. How cool is that?!
  • Getting to watch movies and the only thing we have to do later, is CRITICIZE the damn thing.
  • Incorportating "photography, music, art and writing" during Week 6.

    To name but a few.

    Did I also mention that besides this class, we have Academic Writing and Journalism 2? Yes, I forsee a semester with loads of writing (<3), words and essays.

    Bring it on, I say. :D

  • It might as well be on a poster.

    Sunday, June 20, 2004
    8:27 PM

    Malaysia's really quite a small place.
    The blogging community in Malaysia is even smaller.
    Someone always knows someone else and can somehow be connected to you.
    Or, you could just be out and suddenly see a familiar-strange face.
    Familiar, because, well. You've seen the face somewhere before; strange because you've not really met the person.
    I don't usually type like this, but I am beginning to like this format.

    I went out Friday and Sunday and in the two outings, saw 3 people whose lives I read about exclusively via blogging.
    For example, Girl A recently got her car broken into. Girl B got herself a new bag, and Girl C recently finished (or was it started) her exams.
    I know such details about their lives, yet I can't claim that I know them at all.
    Quite freaky. And I feel like such a stalker. But I'm not, really- I'm rather normal and of average IQ.

    Mind went through several similar wondering on both occasions:
    "Hey, isn't that... ?"
    "No it couldn't be!"
    "Yes, it is!"
    "Should I say HI!"
    "No, too weird."
    "Maybe I should get their autographs."
    "God, I hope no one ever recognizes me when I'm out."

    Now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be such a camh0 and take my pictures off this blog and my LJ.

    Ever unexpectedly saw someone you know only through blogging when you're out?

    Circumnavigating my world.

    Friday, June 18, 2004
    11:18 PM

    It's Friday night. 9.50 pm.
    And I'm sleepy!
    Not a sentence you would expect from an 18 year-old, eh?

    I suppose it has to do with (trying) to wake up at 7.45 am (AM!) today. Struggled, tossed, turned, almost rolling off the bed in an attempt to sleep after watching England put in 3 beautiful goals early in the morning! Was a rather.. lacklustre match, but I suppose well worth staying up to see England win. (Finally.)

    So yeah, met up with some friends over breakfast. Talked lots, gossiped little, laughed much. There was a pregnant pause after all the hoo-hah, and that was when we decided to hey, let's maybe catch a movie at Sunway Pyramid.

    So three of us jumped into a cab and was on our way to Pyramid, when the driver turned around and said, "Wah. It's really jammed at the traffic lights. Can we go down and make a U-turn instead?"

    I thought the U-turn to Pyramid was no more, but then we saw some blue signs saying ALTERNATIVE U TURN TO PYRAMID! 500 M AHEAD!

    Hurrah! No more 20-minute-drives to Pyramid, cheered us. Went down the tunnel and the cab driver whistled whilst driving, happy to be un-jammed (alright, so he didn't whistle, but I'm sure he had a "zip-pe-dee-doo-dah" moment).

    He drove. And drove. And drove.

    After 10 minutes I was pretty sure that we were more than "500 M AHEAD!". And lo and behold, like a mirage that we didn't really want in the first place, the NPE HIGHWAY TOLL BOOTH loomed before our very eyes. YESSSSS. THE RM1.60 one! So now what was supposed to be an RM5 cab drive just went really, really WRONG.

    So apparently (according to Lyn.. or was it Josh?), after Blue Sign exclaimed "ALTERNATIVE U TURN TO PYRAMID! 500 M AHEAD!", there was a (very fine, shite you Blue-Sign-Maker!) print that said, KEEP LEFT. Which to me, didn't really make sense because when we went down the tunnel, Pyramid was on our right, so why should we keep LEFT?

    So instead of going to Pyramid, we ended up at Midvalley.

    But because we were there so early on a non-school-holiday day and a weekday (wow, that's a lot of 'day's) to boot- there were no lines!

    (You have no idea how momentous it is for me to go to GSC Midvalley and not see lines up to McDs so shardup ;p !)

    Around the World in 80 Days is HILARIOUS! Which was really surprising because I was ready for it to suck a little, but I laughed so much. It's got SO MANY CAMEOS that jus made my friends and I go, "EH EH! THAT'S ____ !"

    Let's see, on the Hollywood side we have: Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cleese, Rob Schneider, Macy Gray (!), Kathy Bates, Luke and Owen Wilson .. and I know there are more but I just can't remember right now.

    And in Hong Kong we have: Karen Mok, Sammo Hung, Daniel Wu (*squee*), Maggie Q.

    Great movie, really feel-good. And Phileas Fogg has the funniest lines. I would do a review, but I suppose this entry is going to be long enough without me going on and on about why you should go watch this movie over say, Day After Tomrorrow.

    We had Baskin Robbins' and a really long conversation about DVDs, Redang, sleaze-city Genting, Perhentian, astronomy, racism, ghosts and the Highland Towers.

    I was really shocked and sad to hear that Josh lost his aunt and cousins in the tragedy. I was even more surpised to hear that he was there 5 minutes before the apartments collasped, and that his mom was on the phone with his aunt when it did. I didn't know this about him and right there in Baskin Robbins', over ice cream, I wanted to cry.

    I've never lost any of my loved ones in an accident, or tragedy or anything other than old age before. I've never seen any of my relatives suffer because of a disease, I never had to cope with a life unexpectedly taken. The most I ever went through was seeing my grandmother in the hospital earlier this year and even that, absolutely gutted me.

    I suppose I just realized how blessed I am today. When I hear of stories like these, I suddenly am so grateful that everyone I love is still in my life and doing okay. I don't know how I would take it if I woke up one day and was told that one of my relatives died in a crash as I slept.

    It would be too much for me to handle.

    It's 11.15 pm now. I'm really not that slow a typer, but my popularity just increased over at MSN. I shall circulate right now.


    Wednesday, June 16, 2004
    11:07 PM

    I have this friend from high school, whom I always had some sort of an up-down friendship with. I don't remember how me met, but I reckon it was when we were 14. In Form 1, I knew of her, but didn't really know her. We got into the same class the next year, and being the kind of people we were (I am friendly, but she .. she's practically bursting with enthusiasm and perkiness), we soon started a conversation and became friends.

    At first I think I was a little wary because I heard so much about her already, and not all of them were particularly positive remarks. She had a reputation for being a drama queen and also a bitch, and I wanted to be as objective about her as I could.

    Surprisingly, we got on pretty well and I was at one time really close to her. We'd talk on the phone, she'd come over to my house. We even wrote an article together and submitted it in for the school's newsletter. When she got pissed with this guy (whom I had a crush on!), I helped her write down insults on this piece of paper and during recess, she went on this mad verbal rampage at the guy and everyone was looking.

    I remember the first line as being, "Listen, you sperm shooting bastard, etc etc."

    Weirdly enough, the whole verbal-rampage incident remains one of my strongest memories of high school. True, she was a drama queen but at that time, I wasn't the object of the show and well, I kinda enjoyed being surrounded in the drama, the sudden outbursts, the gossip- just as long as I was the supporting player.

    But then, midway of Form 2, we had a falling out. It was over something trivial- we got caught note passing in Geography/History class, and the notes were basically about sex. And sex. You know how its like when you're 14- everything about sex was so taboo and therefore so interesting. It was a fun thing, but er, the notes got intercepted. The teacher dragged us up to the staffroom and proceeded to lecture us: about how it was unappropriate for us to be talking about it, etc.

    I don't remember what happened next, but she started pulling out some drama shit which made me look like I was responsible for the whole thing. I got really pissed off and the next day, I yelled at her in one of the gazebos in the school park.

    We didn't completely STOP talking after the incident, but I think after that, my whole perception about her and our friendship altered somewhat. We were still friends, but I was, I guess, cold towards her for the remaning of Form 2 and early Form 3. And then one day in Form 3, she wasn't in school anymore and I found out later that she changed schools.

    Last Sunday, I met up with her (and her friend) again over coffee and jazz music at BSC's Coffee Bean. What really amazed me was that after three whole years of being out of contact, we talked as though we were 14 again. I mean, it was like three years was nothing. We still could talk, as in really talk.

    There was .. warmth, and connection.

    It was a pleasant surprise because, well, I was thinking it was going to be hard to hang out with someone after being out of touch for such a long time. But, it was surprisingly easy and comfortable. We had coffee, walked around the pasar malam, had ais limau at Lotus, and then dinner at SS15. We're maybe going out again this weekend to watch 'Flies and Foreigners'.

    I just find it really nice to be able to reconnect with someone from my past. I suppose I miss my high school days and friends. We're all so apart right now. In fact, she's the only one from high school that I've hung out with in a while. There's so many things good things to rememeber about the place, and even greater people to be around.

    Miss y'all SMKSU-ians. :) Look how much 2 years outta the place has changed us.

    We're made out of blood and rust-Looking for someone to trust, without a fight.
    I think that you came too soon, you're the honey and the moon
    That lights up my night.

    Joseph Arthur, Honey & the Moon

    What an amazing song.
    * *

    How to make a sarah

    3 parts competetiveness

    5 parts silliness

    5 parts beauty
    Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness


    Personality cocktail
    From Go-Quiz.com

    For some reason when I enter 'quesarah', my last parts do not show. Pfffft.

    Brain freezes over.

    Friday, June 11, 2004
    10:40 PM

    Inane online conversations make me feel like stuffing my arm up my throat and reaching for my brains; ripping it out and then just stomping on it REPEATEDLY. Until all that is left is just a gooey mess of matter!

    I'm fairly certain that that would be less painful than having to carry a conversation with someone with the IQ of, oh I don't know.. 15. And the personality of a dead fish.

    But wait, before all of you start backing away from talking to me online, let me first say that I'm generally, really nice. And witty. Amusing, interested in you, polite..

    Oh, I could sing praises about me all day!

    (Okla time for some humility. :p)

    Seriously though, I'm the kind that makes an effort when conducting a conversation online. Like, I'll ask you a 101 questions and hope that we'll reach that sacred level where conversation just flows, and topics jump out of other topics. OOH, I think I live for conversations like that.

    But you know, good conversation is hard to come by. Even good friends find it hard to always find something interesting to talk about. And that's totally normal, I guess. Somedays people run out of fuel to pique our interest. Somedays I don't have any energy to mantain a conversation that totally bores me, and that includes good friends. No offense intended if I appear to be unresponsive; I'm either:

    a) Tired and/or distracted
    b) Not getting enough from you to continue

    But generally, it makes my day when I manage to have a really nice conversation with someone I only met online. The internet, IMHO, is filled with the most interesting strangers that I'm so eager to meet. (Non-pyscho interesting strangers, please.)

    I like making new friends that share the same interests or the most different of opinions. I just like.. people. I like getting to know them, I like to know what makes them tick. Your lives interest me, no matter how boring you think it is. You could say, "work is a bitch" and I would be curious enough to know more.

    That's how I am. Just interested in you and everything else. Maybe I'm nosy, but being nosy itself is considered a good thing in my field, Mass Communications.

    Ah, but here comes the ugly side of IM conversations that leaves my brain in a mush. Talking to someone so boring, so predictable and so .. pervy. Yuck. There I was, just talking to someone who added me on Y! and everything seems to be going okay until the fella asks the most blatant, pervy questions. Needless to say, I clicked on IGNORE and tried to get my brain to work again after 45 minutes of mindless, inane dribble.

    Currently, my brain is still reeling from the after-effects. The only thing that save it right now is some stimulating sex conversation!

    I think I probably scared everyone off by now. BAH.

    A year and counting.

    Wednesday, June 09, 2004
    10:39 PM

    Right now, I am in denial. How could this be? I wish I could keep telling myself that my mind is playing tricks on me, but I can't deny what I see under my archives.

    My blog is turning a year old tomorrow.

    A year!

    How did a year go by so fast?! It's just too unreal. I think back about my first ever blog post, and really don't think that I typed those very sentences a year ago.

    Just slightly disoriented. It's always this way when I realize something.


    Happy First Birthday, quesarah!

    I have no presents for you except my intense appreciation that you're always there for me, waiting for me to rant and rave and be reflective.

    I love you! *hugs the air and pretends its you*

    Now. How long have you been blogging?

    Tale of the Two Tall Towers.

    Saturday, June 05, 2004
    7:28 PM

    It's been a while since I've been to KLCC, which used to be one of my more favourite places to hang out. The last time I was there was met with a very embarassing situation between me, my dad, my ex and his friend. Nevermind, a story for another day.

    I used to love taking the LRT there: being able to stare out the window and watch KL pass by; the different sorts of people who get on and off at each stop; conversations that take place between me and whoever's taking the LRT with me (today it was Lyn!). I love it all.

    And when I was there, I would spend hours at Kinokuniya, looking up books and playing with the Search machine they have. You can find ALL the books you want there. Anything that MPH does not have, you can bet Kinokuniya will have it in stock. I remember last year I was looking high and low for Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, until I finally got a paperback copy there. At only RM20!

    Having coffee next to the park, which I always thought was so pretty when it wasn't too hot out. Everything's so picturesque and you actually feel .. sort of different being there. More enlightened- like being able to see the big picture. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you have the world's tallest (still?) towers above you.

    Not to mention, KLCC definitely has the hottest guys around. No question. Just ask Meesh. By the way woman, I saw him today, looking hawt in his uniform.

    Yes, I have some sort of a love affair with KLCC. Don't tell me I'm the only one!

    So after a few months of being away from the place, I was there again today with some friends. We initally planned to catch Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, but hah! We never stood a chance. I thought the cinema crowd at Midavalley was bad, but KLCC's line extended all the way to the MUFC store! Sigh, I should have listened to my friend when he said there was no way we could get tickets without booking or buying them earlier. But I was so naive, so full of gullible hope... :(

    So abandoning all plans of watching a movie, we walked around, mainly helping my friend's cousin from the UK shop for some stuff he wanted. We were three 18-year olds in search for Chinese teapots, go figure. It was fun though for me because hey, how often do I go shopping for teapots?

    OH, we also got to try some of the packed-with-chocolatey-goodness drinks at Chocz that everyone's been raving about. I ordered the Aztec, which had a sprinkle of chilli powder, just like in the movie Chocolat. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed. The drink was delicious but I didn't get the side effects I expected to receive. I was neither sleepy, lethargic or horny, harumph. Have too much chocolate consumption in the past dimmed my senses? (Oh come on, don't look at it me like that, I'm only a girl.)

    Tomorrow I'm heading to Genting after a decade plus of not being up there. I used to look at my friends like they were crazy when they would suggest late night coffee sessions up there, like, HEY- ISN'T GENTING TOO FAR AWAY? But I just found out that we have better roads now and it only takes 45 minutes to an hour to get up there.

    Since I can't get into the casinos, most of the time will be spent eating, talking, getting heart attacks after the rides, having coffee, enjoying the weather and taking pictures. Lots of it. And I get to ride the cable cars tomorrow! Which I've never done before! Yippee-yi-kai-ay.

    Have a good week everyone. I so, so hope I have a good one myself. I could really use the change of environment, even if its only for 3 days.

    "I am extraordinary if you ever get to know me. I am extraordinary; I am just your ordinary- average, everyday, sane, pyscho, super goddess"

    Liz Phair

    Wrong side of the bed.

    Friday, June 04, 2004
    12:28 PM

    Sometimes, you wake up and you know today's going to be bad, if not slightly dampening to your spirits.

    It has nothing to do with an upcoming appointment that you want to avoid, or the fact that you'll have to clean the house later. It doesn't even have to do with you not getting enough sleep last night, nor the idea of it being Friday and you, once again, have no plans whatsoever for the day and the night.

    It has to do with waking up and feeling like you don't have a direction. It's about waking up, and having all your insecurities suddenly attack you. It's like an unbearable sense of realization about how things really are in your life. It is seeing things in plain view and factually, without always painting on the pretty glossy color to make yourself feel better.

    It's about seeing, understanding, and accepting without resistance. The part that I understand all of this is especially heart-breaking because there isn't any hate or contempt involved. This is how the cards have been dealt, and I am okay with that- just do the best with what I have in my hand.

    And I suppose that's how I'm going to take on this day: just making the best out of it until I go to sleep, and wake up to a brand new day.

    Life is beautiful. It doesn't suck.

    (Where are my friends when I need to talk?)

    Expecting Patronum.

    Thursday, June 03, 2004
    7:33 PM


    Sarah, there are better things to be sad about than missing Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban on the day of its Malaysian release. It's far better to be at home, becoming one with your couch and watching The Bold and the Beautiful, than to be out in malls, overwhelmed with Potter.. pottiness.

    Nevermind that Daniel Radcliffe is most probably the hottest 14 year-old boy in the world. Or that Gary Oldman is playing Sirius Black. Or that Dementors look so spiffily cool. Or that director, Alfonso Cuaron directed Y Tu Mama Tambien- which was practically softcore porn. Porn to kiddie movie! What a transition!

    Nevermind all that. You have your Bold and Beautiful, where mothers plot to break up a marriage by setting up their sons to be in a "compromising position" with another chick on camera. How cool is that. Typically, you would assume that your mother would rather NOT know that you've been having sex much less wanting to catch it on film. The storylines of these shows are genius. Pushing the boundaries of stupidity originality with every episode!

    In other news, I think I just found myself my very own "Most Depressing Song In The World". Of all people, the "Most..... world" was by the Bee Gees- the gods of disco. DISCO! Disco kings writing the most depressing song I know. I've heard this song numerous times before but never really knew how depressing it was until I heard it again today. Some lines:

    "I started a joke, which started the whole world crying.."
    "I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing.."
    "Till I finally died, which started the whole world living.. oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me."

    Haiyo. Is there a hidden symbolism in the song somewhere or is it just one big self-pity fest?

    (But The Wallflowers did a kick-ass cover of it on the soundtrack of Zoolander, which I might add, is the funniest shite out there)

    END! It's been a crappy post, but I have better things to worry about, like dinner and American Idol.

    Godfather goldfish.

    Tuesday, June 01, 2004
    10:05 PM

    My dad has an obsession for fishes. First, it was one of those damned Golden Horn ones. In its peak, we had around seven (SEVEN!) in the house, and three aquariums just to house the ugly things. Like any other fad my dad has been into, Golden Horn Obsession slowly dwindled, and he has turned his head toward redder pastures: goldfishes.

    Granted, there are still some Golden Horns around and these were the lucky four that are still alive. I can't even begin to count the amount of goldfishes we have now. The three aquariums that used to contain Golden Horns are now occupied by goldfishes, and the Golden Horns have been relegated to an older aquarium, with hardly any attention from dad besides the weekly cleaning and daily feeding. He spends an hour every night admiring his goldfishes, his eyes following them as they swim and collide with each other. Goldfishes are dead clumsy by the way.

    My mom too has somehow fallen in love with the goldfishes, particularly the largest, fattest and clumsiest of the lot. I would call this goldfish the Godfather of all the goldfishes in my house. You usually can tell him apart from the rest because, well, he is the roundest and also because he has this habit of floating upside down, often making my parens worry that their beloved Godfather had died. Did I also mention that Godfather is the father of some four little fishes in a smaller tank? The mother died soon after birth.

    My mom simpers with affection whenever Godfather floats by, upside down of course. She oohs and aahs like a small girl, enthralled in the presence of such an important goldfish. She calls him "tai lo" (meaning big brother in Cantonese), but I prefer Godfather. Anyway, she talks to Godfather a lot. He'll come floating (UPSIDE DOWN! GOD!) and she'll be like, "Oi, tai lo. Why are you so lazy? (insert giggle)"

    Don't get me wrong, I think its cute that my mom talks to fishes. It's almost as cute as when my dad got overemotional about LaToya Landon's departure on tonight's episode of American Idol (ASTRO- late). I think I'm probably just jealous that my mom has a better disposition toward a FISH, than she has towards me: her daughter and not to mention, a human being who talks back and doesn't walk upside down.

    My mom usually always snaps at me and gets irritated for no reason. Like today, I walked down to the hall and she starts snapping at me to wash the dishes. And I would normally (because NO ONE has the initiative to do it), it wasn't like I was putting up a fight that I didn't want to do it.. but she just kept snapping at me and calling me "lazy". Yeah sure, mom. I sweep and mop the floors, clean the toilets too. Isn't that enough?

    Anyway, this isn't a rant about my mother and I.

    Unlike my parents, I hate fish. In fact, I'm afraid of them. I hate how they look, I'm afraid to even TOUCH a live fish. Cupping a fish in my hand, or transfering a fish from one bucket to another would scare the beejesus out of me. It's an irrational fear; I know I would have been better of being afraid of cockroaches (which I am not, fortunately) but there's nothing much I can do about it, is there? According to Real Fears, my condition is called Ichthyophobia. (Well. At least it's documented.)

    Furthermore, I don't think fishes make good pets. You can't cuddle with them, can't pet it, can't take it to the vet if it falls sick- it's all so impersonal. My dad's "burial" for his dead Golden Horns were to put them in a plastic bag and throw them away. See what I mean? Cold. You wouldn't put a dog, or a cat for the matter, in a plastic bag would you? Hell, you wouldn't even put a gerbil in a plastic bag.

    Maybe when I get my camera batteries back, I'd take a photo of Godfather. He preens pretty well, likes the attention I reckon. I'll make sure that he'll be in his favourite pose- upside down.