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Desktop Confessional

Lazy Saturdays.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Que sarah, sarah: Letting whatever be.

OOOOOH. I just revamped my blog design and now I feel all giddy to start blogging like a madwoman all over again!

Don't you just love New Blog Disorder? Where all you want to do is tweak the HTML codes on your template and type, and type, and type.

What was previously "i've only just begun: a photojournal", is no longer! Yes, I am aware that it's supposed to be que sera but that never seemed to matter when I was 10 and all the kids were bullying me with this song in Music class. So I'm taking childhood torment and changing it into a blog extravaganza. Well, extravagant to me so leave me alone. :p

Saturdays have a way of lulling you to sleep at 6pm even though you woke up at 1pm. Add to the mix a post-thunderstorm weather (read:cold, breezy, atypical of Malaysian weather) and you should just sleep, and do nothing and basically BE a slob right? You know it's true.

Today I ate lunch at 4pm and saw a picture of Huai Bin jerking off. That probably made my day.

And here's the result of testing out that 'Hello!' software that Blogger's been promoting:

Silhoutted wooden frame on one sunny evening in January Posted by Hello

  1. Blogger sixthseal said:

    i'm glad you liked it. ;)
    it's going to rain over here too, looks like it's going to be a big one, sure puts a damper on saturday night activities...
    then again, i'm way to scattered to be going out, even for drinks.
    the new blogger image posting feature is great!

  1. Blogger Kamigoroshi said:

    Photoshop your blog mate...it's the only way to go...:)

  1. Blogger sarah said:

    Huai Bin: My Saturday night activities are pretty much limited to spending it with parents. :p Yes I will get a life soon!

    Edrei: Only started using Photoshop this year and still pretty much suck at it :( How do you design it with Photoshop exactly? O.o

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