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Desktop Confessional

Going to the mall proves to be a ball! I rhymed!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Who would have thought that by 9:50 am there would already be a crowd lining up for tickets at the GSC cinemas at Midvalley? Is Sunday no longer the day of rest, where people have breakfast in bed and skip church? Apparently, not anymore. There were 3/4/5 (who knows, really?) lines extending all the way into McDonalds and keep in mind, it was not even 10 am yet! Nice way of reminding you that the "summer blockbuster" movies are here. Peh. I heard The Day After Tomorrow was crap. The best thing about it was its name in Malay: Lusa.

I wouldn't even be there with the madding crowds if it wasn't because Matthew invited me to watch You Got Served, a movie about a hip hop, street-dancing crew. He had free tickets due to his connections at New Straits Times, and like a typical Malaysian: I do not refuse anything free. The movie was surprisingly entertaining! Acting was alright aight, but the dancing blew my mind away. Respek to the choreographers, you guys did an amazing job. We had to pose for pictures though, upon receiving the free tix and I hid in the back. Must remember to buy New Straits Times soon and try to spot my hair in the picture.

I met Matthew's friend, Sanjeev, who was really friendly. He was on some fervent quest to get a scorpion pendant since his' broke yesterday. So there we were at one of those accessory stalls and Matthew, who for some strange reason was discouraging Sanjeev from purchasing the pendant, said:

"Dude, why you wanna buy a scorpion pendant, dude?"
"'Cos I want to strike fear in everyone I meet."
"How about this, " he picks up a pendant, "an elephant. Nothing says power like an elephant."

Needless to say, Sanjeev ignored his recommendation and bought the pendant anyway.

Pretty soon, Krystle had to go and meet up with her parents and the two guys had another appointment at 1 Utama at 4pm. So I was walking around aimlessly for an hour while waiting for my parents to come (fck, I really need to start driving). Walked in and out of MPH like 4 times, passing the wannabe models who were there for some Seventeen magazine thing. Picked up a book called "Want to Play?" by PJ Tracy and was so excited to find an empty seat on the bench. Was barely into the first sentence (The brandy was impressionable.) when my phone rang and everyone glared at me from their books.

While waiting for my dad to purchase some hair regrowth potion at Watsons, a young kid ran screaming between me and my mom, obviously lost. Everyone just stopped, and stared at the poor boy as he called out for his ma in big sobs. Unusual how everyone’s eyes just followed the boy without offering help. Soon, a young woman ran past us again, this time screaming “AFIIIIIQ!”. Once again, everyone stopped and stared at the tearful reunion between mother and son. As soon as she got hold of him, the familiar din of a mall reappeared and everyone smiled indulgently at the early evening drama that just enfolded in front of them. Yep, live entertainment- just what we need.

A pretty interesting Sunday I have to say, learnt a few things:

  • When someone opens up his hands to you after a foosball game and invites you to sniff the “aroma of foos”, you walk away and stifle your curiosity.
  • I want PJ Tracy’s “Want to Play?”. Amazon said it’s good.
  • The best la la (clams) I’ve tasted this year can be found at Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant along Jalan Gasing. Seafood in a chicken rice restaurant- that’s something new.

    1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

      heyo sarah-o. After we (sanjeev n I) left you, we went looking for my car. i casually forgot where it was. so we walked, and walked..rested. And walked some more. Its amazing cos we saw the "behind the scene" part of midvalley (the loading docks, the stinky dumps, long white corridors behind the shoplots in the complex). Curse be those who designed midvalley! Arggh!

    1. Blogger sarah said:

      OMG, mattie are we insomniacs or what? You commented around 3am and its 415am and im still bloody awake!

    1. Blogger Nadiah said:

      So, uh now you have to sign in to comment? Good thing I remembered my password, heh.

      But anyway...you're back! Or rather, your blog is back.

      I still want to watch "Day After Tomorrow", though. Global warming issues and all...interesting, scary things to think about.

      Oh, and did you just say "respek"? Hahahaha.

    1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

      This is just cruel. You blog about your adventures and do not call me to join you and the masses!! I am HURT.


    1. Blogger sarah said:

      Nadiah, you don't have to sign in! Just post as anonymous with your name at the bottom. And I did say respek yes :p

      Meesh, if it makes you feel any better, I missed SNL! Was it even on?

    1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

      I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
      » » »

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