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Desktop Confessional

Going straight and getting out.

Monday, May 31, 2004

I went and straightened my hair today. 5 hours in the salon, where the woman slathered foul smelling cream on my hair, washed it, ironed out all the kinks (and there were a lot of kinks), and put another foul smelling cream on my hair and washed it again.

Hair is very, very straight and extremely FLAT on the top. I hate the FLAT part, because I'm not used to seeing myself with limp hair. Basically, everything is a bit weird now because it looks unnatural. God, I really hope the flatness would not linger after everything sets in because if it does, it would have been a waste of money! Calling out to those who've straightened hair: it is normal for hair to be as flat as thosai on the first few days, right? Right, right, RIGHT?

Straightened hair looks so kecik compared to rest of body. I used to have waves and curls and frizzies, so that sort of matched my big face, big nose, big ears, big hips, big boobs and big fucking butt. The only thing that sorts of fit into the image of extreme straight hair is my extreme small eyes.

State of head for the coming days will be bad. I cannot wash or tie my hair up for 3 whole days! Bathing and general matters of hygiene like washing face is beginning to feel as difficult as peeling an onion without crying. And, I cannot tuck my hair behind my ears. I think I'm screwing this rule over though because I can't take hair in my face for too long.

While my head was placed under the steamer, I opened up the February 2004 edition of CLEO. There was a quiz inside entitled, "Could you be unfaithful?" and noticed that it had alraedy been answered. I was a bit surprised to see some of the answers, i.e:

  • H) Do you feel there's something missing from your relationship, but you don't know what it is?
    4) Yes- if you're honest with yourself you'd have to admit that that's true.

  • I) To the best of your knowledge, has your man ever been unfaithful to you?
    4) More than once- but you always forgive him.

    I'm no relationship expert, but could that 'something missing' be TRUST and SELF-ESTEEM? Woman, what are you still doing in that relationship?! And mind you, the answers said that she had been with him three years or longer. Get out, get out!

    With that said, I will now disappear into hair hell.

    1. Blogger deborah said:

      hey, i straightened my hair before. yup, it's normal to have "thosai" hair in the beginning. =) serious. regarding the matter of hair sticking in ur face, try using the shower cap. it works. ;p

    1. Blogger sarah said:

      Really, really? Okay that IS a relief! Because my hair looks like its having one of them BAD HAT HAIR DAYS. UGGGH

    1. Blogger Kamigoroshi said:

      I think that something missing is herself. Who she is. I think she doesn't know what she wants until she is so scared to look outside and find out the things she needs to pull herself together. She's so scared that she will be alone until she constantly forgives him for being unfaithful to her.

      She ain't living. She's surviving.

    1. Blogger Applegal said:

      Oh, I've always contemplated straightening my wavy hair, but I was afraid that my hair will be damaged :P Besides, I've come to terms with my messy wavy hair ;) Have fun with your straight hair! :D No more bad hair days after this period! ^_^

      Yup, we both share the same template ;)

    1. Blogger sarah said:

      Edrei: 'She ain't living. She's surviving.'

      I am loving that sentence. Very true.

      Applegal: No more tangles, thats the best part :D

    1. Blogger graceshu said:

      i dont think i've ever combed my hair since cny. and er. i dont care. hehehehehe. and er. i have wavy hair. heheheheheeheheheh. omg i am a slob.

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