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Desktop Confessional

Going straight and getting out.

Monday, May 31, 2004
7:05 PM

I went and straightened my hair today. 5 hours in the salon, where the woman slathered foul smelling cream on my hair, washed it, ironed out all the kinks (and there were a lot of kinks), and put another foul smelling cream on my hair and washed it again.

Hair is very, very straight and extremely FLAT on the top. I hate the FLAT part, because I'm not used to seeing myself with limp hair. Basically, everything is a bit weird now because it looks unnatural. God, I really hope the flatness would not linger after everything sets in because if it does, it would have been a waste of money! Calling out to those who've straightened hair: it is normal for hair to be as flat as thosai on the first few days, right? Right, right, RIGHT?

Straightened hair looks so kecik compared to rest of body. I used to have waves and curls and frizzies, so that sort of matched my big face, big nose, big ears, big hips, big boobs and big fucking butt. The only thing that sorts of fit into the image of extreme straight hair is my extreme small eyes.

State of head for the coming days will be bad. I cannot wash or tie my hair up for 3 whole days! Bathing and general matters of hygiene like washing face is beginning to feel as difficult as peeling an onion without crying. And, I cannot tuck my hair behind my ears. I think I'm screwing this rule over though because I can't take hair in my face for too long.

While my head was placed under the steamer, I opened up the February 2004 edition of CLEO. There was a quiz inside entitled, "Could you be unfaithful?" and noticed that it had alraedy been answered. I was a bit surprised to see some of the answers, i.e:

  • H) Do you feel there's something missing from your relationship, but you don't know what it is?
    4) Yes- if you're honest with yourself you'd have to admit that that's true.

  • I) To the best of your knowledge, has your man ever been unfaithful to you?
    4) More than once- but you always forgive him.

    I'm no relationship expert, but could that 'something missing' be TRUST and SELF-ESTEEM? Woman, what are you still doing in that relationship?! And mind you, the answers said that she had been with him three years or longer. Get out, get out!

    With that said, I will now disappear into hair hell.

  • Going to the mall proves to be a ball! I rhymed!

    Sunday, May 30, 2004
    10:53 PM

    Who would have thought that by 9:50 am there would already be a crowd lining up for tickets at the GSC cinemas at Midvalley? Is Sunday no longer the day of rest, where people have breakfast in bed and skip church? Apparently, not anymore. There were 3/4/5 (who knows, really?) lines extending all the way into McDonalds and keep in mind, it was not even 10 am yet! Nice way of reminding you that the "summer blockbuster" movies are here. Peh. I heard The Day After Tomorrow was crap. The best thing about it was its name in Malay: Lusa.

    I wouldn't even be there with the madding crowds if it wasn't because Matthew invited me to watch You Got Served, a movie about a hip hop, street-dancing crew. He had free tickets due to his connections at New Straits Times, and like a typical Malaysian: I do not refuse anything free. The movie was surprisingly entertaining! Acting was alright aight, but the dancing blew my mind away. Respek to the choreographers, you guys did an amazing job. We had to pose for pictures though, upon receiving the free tix and I hid in the back. Must remember to buy New Straits Times soon and try to spot my hair in the picture.

    I met Matthew's friend, Sanjeev, who was really friendly. He was on some fervent quest to get a scorpion pendant since his' broke yesterday. So there we were at one of those accessory stalls and Matthew, who for some strange reason was discouraging Sanjeev from purchasing the pendant, said:

    "Dude, why you wanna buy a scorpion pendant, dude?"
    "'Cos I want to strike fear in everyone I meet."
    "How about this, " he picks up a pendant, "an elephant. Nothing says power like an elephant."

    Needless to say, Sanjeev ignored his recommendation and bought the pendant anyway.

    Pretty soon, Krystle had to go and meet up with her parents and the two guys had another appointment at 1 Utama at 4pm. So I was walking around aimlessly for an hour while waiting for my parents to come (fck, I really need to start driving). Walked in and out of MPH like 4 times, passing the wannabe models who were there for some Seventeen magazine thing. Picked up a book called "Want to Play?" by PJ Tracy and was so excited to find an empty seat on the bench. Was barely into the first sentence (The brandy was impressionable.) when my phone rang and everyone glared at me from their books.

    While waiting for my dad to purchase some hair regrowth potion at Watsons, a young kid ran screaming between me and my mom, obviously lost. Everyone just stopped, and stared at the poor boy as he called out for his ma in big sobs. Unusual how everyone’s eyes just followed the boy without offering help. Soon, a young woman ran past us again, this time screaming “AFIIIIIQ!”. Once again, everyone stopped and stared at the tearful reunion between mother and son. As soon as she got hold of him, the familiar din of a mall reappeared and everyone smiled indulgently at the early evening drama that just enfolded in front of them. Yep, live entertainment- just what we need.

    A pretty interesting Sunday I have to say, learnt a few things:

  • When someone opens up his hands to you after a foosball game and invites you to sniff the “aroma of foos”, you walk away and stifle your curiosity.
  • I want PJ Tracy’s “Want to Play?”. Amazon said it’s good.
  • The best la la (clams) I’ve tasted this year can be found at Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant along Jalan Gasing. Seafood in a chicken rice restaurant- that’s something new.

  • Lazy Saturdays.

    Saturday, May 29, 2004
    5:23 PM

    Que sarah, sarah: Letting whatever be.

    OOOOOH. I just revamped my blog design and now I feel all giddy to start blogging like a madwoman all over again!

    Don't you just love New Blog Disorder? Where all you want to do is tweak the HTML codes on your template and type, and type, and type.

    What was previously "i've only just begun: a photojournal", is no longer! Yes, I am aware that it's supposed to be que sera but that never seemed to matter when I was 10 and all the kids were bullying me with this song in Music class. So I'm taking childhood torment and changing it into a blog extravaganza. Well, extravagant to me so leave me alone. :p

    Saturdays have a way of lulling you to sleep at 6pm even though you woke up at 1pm. Add to the mix a post-thunderstorm weather (read:cold, breezy, atypical of Malaysian weather) and you should just sleep, and do nothing and basically BE a slob right? You know it's true.

    Today I ate lunch at 4pm and saw a picture of Huai Bin jerking off. That probably made my day.

    And here's the result of testing out that 'Hello!' software that Blogger's been promoting:

    Silhoutted wooden frame on one sunny evening in January Posted by Hello

    Shedding skin

    Friday, May 28, 2004
    10:37 PM

    My blog is under construction! Albeit this is a Blogger template but I gotta admit that ever since they revamped themselves, all their templates look quite nice.

    Links and everything else will be up soon.

    I think I lost all my backBlog comments but nyah- nevermind. A blog is more than its comments *scoff scoff*.

    Ok back to staring at HTML codes and struggling to understand them. Laters.

    Love, me.