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Desktop Confessional

Love is all around.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I was lying on my bed the other day, head in the weirdest position, when I glanced at the side of my drawer and realized that there is a shape of a heart that I had never noticed before. Just when you think that the things that surround you every day could no longer excite you, you make a new discovery and you can't help but smile and take a picture.

.... I swear I had something interesting to say! But I've been sitting here for a while, typing and deleting sentences one by one. It's getting really annoying, but here's the gist of my thoughts:

Something about how I, or anyone, can say love is essential with the same conviction as did The Beatles when they sang "All You Need Is Love", and not have people look at you amused and make quirky, but slightly disparaging, remarks that implies that you're being this mushy, overflowing with sap, hippie girl who wants to wear psychedelic colours, put flowers in her hair and go hug trees. It's very difficult, especially since everyone's getting increasingly cynical and more dry-witted with their comments.

We're too cool to be hopeful and gullible! Cliched phrases are for losers!

Can't quite say I'm not 100% unlike that at times.

I've been forced to read the newspapers more often these days because I've a weekly quiz on current events. I detest it but I have to admit, the idea's genius. Sooner or later, reading the newspaper for quizzes will evolve into a habit and that has got to be a good thing. It's so pathetic to be a Journalism major when you mix up Ariel Sharon as the Palestinian president and Yasser Arafat as Israel's prime minister. Oh, the shame, the shame!

There's too much tension in the world. Tension in South Korea over the election results. In South Thailand. In Kosovo. In Madrid.

My own personal life is not spared from tension. There has also been misunderstanding, bitterness .. a lot of ugly business really, in the area that is college. I hope that has been resolved because there really isn't any need to be angry over an issue such as that.

What else? The revelation of mortality; the possibility of losing a loved one- a big ass slap to the face. The importance of family support and love. Sacrificing things you've grown accustomed to. Sharing all aspects of your life with someone else; letting that someone else in.

Only 4 months into the year, but I honestly feel that I've grown up a lot.

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