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Desktop Confessional

Good, better, best Friday

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Church of Visitation, Seremban

It's Good Friday tomorrow, and Sunday is Easther. :) Which reminds me that I haven't been on an Easther egg hunt before. Actually, I have never even eaten an Easther egg. It's just chocolate-coated eggs right? Or.. chocolates in shape of an egg? Hmm.

Speaking of Good Friday, I will be watching Passion of the Christ on Saturday. Finally. But, I'm kinda scared to. I heard from people that it's like the goriest film they've ever watched. They said it was even worse than Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is another movie I avoided like the plague because it was looked so damn GORY. I can't freaking stand gore. I hate slasher movies. I squeeze my eyes shut when ever I see someone's intestines and get damn disturbed when someone gets their leg chopped off when they're still ALIVE. I can't stand it- I'll just hide in my room until I hear that there are no longer any more screams coming from the TV downstairs.

So when people say that Passion is the goriest movie they've ever seen, I'm not sure how to react.

I should probably also add that people have said Passion, is the most beautiful movie they've ever seen. Everyone I know who has seen it claims to have come out from the film bawling their eyes out. A murderer actually went to the police and confessed to his crime after watching the movie.

Can you imagine how powerful this movie is? So gory or not- I'm watching it. Its just one of those movies that you have to see.

These days, I'm just really thankful. :) Especially right now. Happy, happy. So yeah, that's why I'm attending Good Friday mass. Because I'm thankful. Its one of those moments when you really like the position you're in. You've no complains or anything, you've no stress- major assignment of the week 98% done and you can take a 3 day break before starting on the next. These moments are short, like staccato beats on a piano composition. And like in a piano compostion, these beats add a little something to repetitious chords and melodies.

Yeah yaeh yaeh- I'm being completely, annoyingly lame but bear with me! Life is good right now and I can't help being swarmy. :p

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