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Desktop Confessional

Enough of William Hung

Monday, March 08, 2004

(No pictures today. Camera has no batteries.)

Aw. I pity the poor guy. However, I don't think that Mr Hung particularly minds being the laughingstock of America (or is it the world right now?). I hear he's got his very own fan club with really cute chicks dying to marry him or kiss him or hump him. And his education at UC Berkeley is also being sponsored by the university itself I think. I have half the mind to go audition and make a complete ass of myself in hope of achieving his 15 minutes of fame.

However, William Hung SO does not deserve the credit for being the worst singer ever auditioned. All congratulations for the WORST audition ever (read: freaking hilarious) should go to Keith.

Who's Keith? Click here and WATCH. By the way, the song Keith auditioned with was Madonna's "Like A Virgin".

Just an effort to make ya'll laugh. :)

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