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Desktop Confessional

A little intoxicated with everything.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Dusk in Johor

You know, it's such a FANTASTIC feeling to sit around in cyberspace all day, not worrying about the lack of sleep or upcoming assignments or boring/repetitive lecturers. It's such an amazing knowledge to have- the knowledge that tomorrow is a day off from college, a day for sleeping in and slobbing around the house. Public holidays on stressful weekdays are gifts from God, I swear.

Sometimes I feel like I'm so in love with the world. I mean, here I am in my humble abode in Malaysia .. and I start thinking about people and places miles away. My mind often drifts away into foreign lands and I wonder what anyone, any one at all, is doing at this particular minute. I think about how the beach in Cherating would look like now, its waters reflecting the colours of the sunset. I look for what time it is in New York. I worry if there's anyone going through a hard time, stranger though they may be. I think about my class mates- would they be out, taking advantage of tomorrow's holiday; or at home catching up on TV, the news, books, whatever?

I guess.. ya know, sometimes I get very self-involved, and everything can be about me. I'm pissed with my parents, I'm so tired from college. I guess that's why, when moments are just perfect, I let my mind go.. think about how every one else is feeling, how everything is turning out, how the world turns with all of us in it.

I can't stop thinking and guessing because it blows my mind how there's so much out there. It's so mind-boggling. I keep forgetting that each and everyone of us are individuals. We all have our own lives to live.. our own goals to meet. I think this is amazing .. god I can't even articulate it. Like, I'm blogging right now .. but what are you doing? There's so much LIFE going on.

Get it? HEH, I'm so sorry for any confusion caused. It's just that I'm in one of my think-lots-about-nothing moods and there's a wonderful sunset going on outside my window. Let it be known that I have an obsession for sunsets. But I guess a sunset would be the best symbolism for my intoxication of the world, and life itself. The day is harsh, with weather too hot and too humid. But come evening, everything softens and the sky becomes the scene for one of the most beautiful things in the world. And you know- it's also free. The best things usually are.

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