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Desktop Confessional

Monkey see, monkey do!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Chinatown, Singapore

AH, corniness! In honour of Chinese New Year, I actually changed the colour of the picture's border to a fancy red.

But that aside- Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Reasons why CNY is better than Christmas

1) Oh, glorious food! Reunion dinners, cookies, pineapple tarts, chicken floss. All things essential to CNY revolves around food. I think most Chinese families believe that food is love, and that the more food one has, the happier he is. I think that's sorta true. Like, take for example my grandmother. Everytime she calls, the first thing she asks me would be, "Sek cho fan mei ah?" ("Have you eaten dinner yet?"), without fail. There's nothing quite as joyful as relatives sitting around a round table laden with too much food. FOOD IS LOVE! LOVE IS CNY! (Ahem.)

2) Angpows. OOh yeah. Little red packets of joy. Now that I'm older and "so hard to shop for!" (said one auntie), I don't really expect Christmas presents. But HAH- sorry, can't say the same for angpows though. Relatives can't hide behind the excuse of not knowing what to buy, wahaha. And it's a time honoured tradition.. no one should break it.

3) The right atmosphere. Sometimes, you listen to all those Christmas songs about a white Christmas, filled with kids in mufflers making angels in the snow and you feel pangs in your heart and you think, "WHY CAN'T MALAYSIA SNOW?". Personally, I feel like Christmas in Malaysia always lacks something.. things like fireplaces, and chestnuts, hot chocolate, pine trees and snowmen. Not with Chinese New Year though- everything feels just right. The heat, the slightly disturbing decorations of the cherubic kids (oh c'mon, you've seen them!!), the red lanterns.. everything looks like it's supposed to.

4) Gambling. Erh, eheh. I don't know why, gambling seems to pertain more to CNY than to Christmas. 'Chor tai ti' !!

Reasons why CNY can be annoying

1) You gain at least 2 kgs. GAH.

2) Relatives take too much of interest in your life weight. Hmph. But hey! This year they said I lost weight, instead of gained! So this should really be on the previous list.

3) CNY songs. *shudder* They are so bad.. I especially dislike the ones where they have small kids as singers. Aieh. Shrill, high-pitched shrieks disguised as singing.

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