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Desktop Confessional

Changing directions.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I guess I should explain why this blog has been so deserted and empty lately. Truth is, I've discovered the beauty of my LiveJournal account. I've been spending an absurd amount of time with it lately, so most of my irrational ideas and thoughts are written down there instead.

It's hard juggling 2 journals but I'm not prepared to give up on this one so easily. Why? Sentimental values, that's all. Memories. All that jazz. So this site will still be here. Just that there will be a lot less activity.

(I'm thinking of converting this into a photojournal. Do you guys think that it's an ok idea? I'm interested in photography so I thought maybe a photojournal would be a good place to practice)

If you worry about me, or if you're just nosy (heh), you can come visit me at my LJ account: here.

&hearts, sarah.

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