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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Taken on that fateful Friday night

Last Friday, my friend and I had the stupidity to use the Federal Highway during rush hour. We had planned to utilise her sister's apartment's gym and then head over to Hartamas for dinner and coffee. But before we did so, she had to make a little detour to KLCC to drop off her friend.

We ended up being stuck in massive traffic for well over 2 hours. Yes, (*smacks herself*), Sarah should start using her brain more often. However, being stuck in traffic isn't the point of this post. True, I did sigh at the horrifically slow speed at which we were moving, but I was alright. I am a Malaysian: I've encountered worse traffic and even worse drivers.

Being in the car for so long, I had a lot of quiet time as my friend was entertaining her other friend whom I didn't know. I hummed and sang (softly) to the tunes on the radio; I stared at the interior of other cars and their owners; I watched as dusk turned into night.

Dusk turning into night is a beautiful sequence, no matter where you are watching it from. It doesn't matter if you're by the beach, on a hill, or stuck in traffic. The sky turns yellow, orange, red. Streaks of purple will appear and then blend in with various shades of black. Before you know it, it is night and the stars can be seen. It is truly one of the world's most spectacular sights and it is pity that we often forget its beauty.

We were soon in KL and I was reminded about how much I love the city. Even traffic jams become a thing I am willing to bear, and sometimes I even enjoy it when I am in the city. I relished how slow we were going because I could look at everything twice. I was happy because I had more time to look at the madding crowds near Petaling Street. I loved how many different people there were roaming the streets of KL.

KL was beautiful that Friday night. There were lights hung across almost every building and tree. Signboards of businesses were switched on, which added colour and personality to an otherwise unremarkable road. Hawker stalls were being set up outdoors. Tourists and locals walked together. There was a certain smell in the air... KL vibrated with life and optimism.

I longed to walk. I didn't want to be in a car, watching everything pass me by; merely a spectator. I wanted to eat outdoors too, and feel the cool night air. I wanted to take pictures of the decorative lights and of the colonial shophouses. I wanted to visit Petaling Street and get myself a fake Rolex. I wanted to be part of KL that night.

There is beauty in everything you see. Try taking a trip down to KL at night.

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