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Desktop Confessional

Project Pitch

Monday, November 03, 2003

Found myself something to do- gonna write a screenplay!

Yeah. Anyway was watching MTV last night and they had this advertisment for a contest that allows you to pitch your screenplay to a group of movie industry people. First you have to send in your screenplay (90-120 pages), 5 sentence synopsis of screenplay and 1 page essay on why you should be chosen and stuff. If they like your screenplay, they'll send you over to Singapore (with spending money, mwahah) to pitch your idea.

I'm so interested. Closing date 1 December. Bad thing is that there is only 1 more month to the deadline and I have no idea whatsoever on what my screenplay should be. However, I will just give everything a shot. In the mean time, I am open for suggestions!

I am Matt Damon- who's my Ben Affleck?!

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