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Desktop Confessional


Saturday, November 01, 2003

The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation; a time for catching up on sleep and being a slob around the house. However, the holidays (especially when stretched over a 3 month period) can also be dead boring, lethargic and uninspiring. Watching TV gets irritating after a few hours- channel surfing begins to hurt your fingers. Your brain begins to pound against your head and you would give anything to be back in college, suffering from assignments but at least your mind is given some form of exercise.

But maybe it's just me. I haven't been out much during the holidays. I'm sleeping too much too- I have not gotten up before noon. I'm beginning to get addicted to Oprah again .. yes, many afternoons spent in front of the TV, sniffing over someone else's tragedy. But, haha, I am happy that I'm able to catch all those MTV special programs: Made, Punk'd, etc. Never had time for those when college was going on. Sarah is happy on afternoons when MTV special programs are on. Other than that, been watching Lizzie McGuire (4.30pm, Disney) just to kill boredom. You see!! You see what the holidays are doing to me.

Today, I got poked, pinched and plucked i.e went for a facial. Third facial in my 18 years. I'm kinda behind, huh? It hurt like mad when the lady was pinching me all over. She also put some sort of machine that blew steam over my face for minutes- I was trying hard not to suffocate.

I always expect to come out of facial radiating with a healthy complexion but I'm just setting myself up for a disappointment. You do not come out from a facial looking like a million bucks. You don't. You come out with very red spots on your face and it looks like you have acne. It's very, very gross. I hate looking at myself more now. I am not leaving my house, I will not leave my house. Do not tempt me with offers for coffee and lunch.

Sad thing is, no one's tempted me with offers for coffee or lunch. U_U (I think that this is supposed to be the anime style for a crying face, not sure, must ask Teng.)

Ok, will end rant here. Have to sleep because must go down to Seremban tomorrow and visit grandpa at the graveyard.

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