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Desktop Confessional

The sorest of throats

Sunday, November 23, 2003
5:14 PM

There's a flu going around, you have been warned. Pile up on your vitamins, sleep in warmth, be wary of everything you eat.

Avoid durians. Do not consume them in a ghastly manner as I did. Do not sneak downstairs in the middle of the night like a common thief. There's nothing more embarassing then being caught by your dad at 2 AM for eating durians. First, you have to explain that you're not greedy, just hungry and secondly, that you're honestly not addicted to them smelly fruits.

Ah, but I never thought durians to be smelly. There's something so incredibly irresistable about passing a durian stand by the road. There seems to exist an almost animal instinct in me for durians- I cry out, I throw a tantrum, I pout and whimper about absolutely needing durians.

And what do I have to show for my brief period of madness? A bloody sore throat. A bloody sore throat that has been aggravated by teaching little kids the finer points of air pressure.

You see, I went for my part-time thing today. I went the last 2 weeks and that went pretty well as I didn't have to conduct the whole workshop. This time I did. 2 hours of explaining what air pressure does, and what air pressure is. I didn't mind actually explaining the unexplainable (because I myself do not fully comprehend air pressure) but my God, I don't know what got into the kids today. They were running out of control, jumping out of their seats in between explanations and basically making me very nervous (boss was there).

However, there's something pretty magical about being around kids. Once you get pass their annoyance and arrogance (kids know everything, according to themselves) they're pretty fun to be around. For one thing, they never hide what they feel. There's no need for mind games or emotional wars. What you see is what you get. Sometimes I wish we, as adults (am I?), could take a leaf out of their frankness as it would sure help life out.

Does my butt look big in this? Yes.

It probably wouldn't work out so well in the initial stages but think of all the trauma and money you will save. At least it's your best friend that tells you your butt looks big in those pair of jeans and not the guy you've been eyeing; at least you save on a crappy pair of jeans- you could buy something else, something that doesn't make you look fat. Like a hat.

(Of course this is just a symbolism for something else. None of my friends' butt look big in anything. Really.)

Secondly, kids are wonderful because of how sincere they are. If they are amazed by shaving cream, they make no effort to conceal their surprise. Don't you hate it when you've produced something you know is great but then somebody else shoots it down because of their jealousy?

I have to end this rant here. Thunderstorms are brewing.

Full of 'em weird links.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
2:50 PM

It seems like lately I've been using my blog as more of an international harbour for links to ridiculous sites. Anyway, keeping up with my new found blog tradition, here's another ridiculous link to cheer your day up. Wee!

(CLICK IT! It'd be worth your time!)

"Hey Britney.. you say you wanna lose control!"

Project Pitch

Monday, November 03, 2003
12:01 AM

Found myself something to do- gonna write a screenplay!

Yeah. Anyway was watching MTV last night and they had this advertisment for a contest that allows you to pitch your screenplay to a group of movie industry people. First you have to send in your screenplay (90-120 pages), 5 sentence synopsis of screenplay and 1 page essay on why you should be chosen and stuff. If they like your screenplay, they'll send you over to Singapore (with spending money, mwahah) to pitch your idea.

I'm so interested. Closing date 1 December. Bad thing is that there is only 1 more month to the deadline and I have no idea whatsoever on what my screenplay should be. However, I will just give everything a shot. In the mean time, I am open for suggestions!

I am Matt Damon- who's my Ben Affleck?!


Saturday, November 01, 2003
11:13 PM

The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation; a time for catching up on sleep and being a slob around the house. However, the holidays (especially when stretched over a 3 month period) can also be dead boring, lethargic and uninspiring. Watching TV gets irritating after a few hours- channel surfing begins to hurt your fingers. Your brain begins to pound against your head and you would give anything to be back in college, suffering from assignments but at least your mind is given some form of exercise.

But maybe it's just me. I haven't been out much during the holidays. I'm sleeping too much too- I have not gotten up before noon. I'm beginning to get addicted to Oprah again .. yes, many afternoons spent in front of the TV, sniffing over someone else's tragedy. But, haha, I am happy that I'm able to catch all those MTV special programs: Made, Punk'd, etc. Never had time for those when college was going on. Sarah is happy on afternoons when MTV special programs are on. Other than that, been watching Lizzie McGuire (4.30pm, Disney) just to kill boredom. You see!! You see what the holidays are doing to me.

Today, I got poked, pinched and plucked i.e went for a facial. Third facial in my 18 years. I'm kinda behind, huh? It hurt like mad when the lady was pinching me all over. She also put some sort of machine that blew steam over my face for minutes- I was trying hard not to suffocate.

I always expect to come out of facial radiating with a healthy complexion but I'm just setting myself up for a disappointment. You do not come out from a facial looking like a million bucks. You don't. You come out with very red spots on your face and it looks like you have acne. It's very, very gross. I hate looking at myself more now. I am not leaving my house, I will not leave my house. Do not tempt me with offers for coffee and lunch.

Sad thing is, no one's tempted me with offers for coffee or lunch. U_U (I think that this is supposed to be the anime style for a crying face, not sure, must ask Teng.)

Ok, will end rant here. Have to sleep because must go down to Seremban tomorrow and visit grandpa at the graveyard.