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Desktop Confessional

"It all amounts to nothing in the end!"

Monday, October 06, 2003

It's quite sad when your blog is now your best friend.

Dear blog, I had a shitty day in college. Had fucked up Group Communication exam. Not only did I have to slave over the subject for a few days, I thought I did relatively well and could possibly manage an A- but no. It wasn't to be as I have officially screwed up one of my essays.

Question: List down 5 major types of nonverbal behaviour.

I answered eye contact, body movement and postures, facial expressions, territoriality and appearance because I remembered reading something like, "..behaviours include body movement and posture, etc."

Answer: Emblems, illustrators, affective display, regulators and adaptors.

Now it's not that I didn't know all that. I did, but due to fucked up way of structuring questions, I got the entire essay wrong. Wrong. So I can't get an A- for GC, will probably have to settle for B-. I feel so depressed. All the hard work, assignments, staying up till 3 am- amounts to what? Nothing. The GPA I worked so hard for all semester round will now plunge, plunge, plunge. What to do, dear blog, what to do?

I know I sound like an eager overachiever. I'm not. I never was an achiever of any kind in secondary school, but I did promise to do better in college because I want to get a scholarship and go off to the US. It's crap how much power one miserable grade has on your entire GPA.

Enough complaining. I will now remember all the things that make me happy. Like, how after this week ends, I can wake up as late as I want. And the money I'll be making out of my part-time job. And my new Pumas. I finally got 'em after constantly staring at a pair whenever I'm at the Puma shop in Midvalley.

Just a thought- ADIDAS = All Day I Dream About Sex

So, PUMA= Play Up My Ass?

"Here comes the sun, do do do do, and I say.. it's alright."
>>The Beatles, "Here comes the sun"

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