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Desktop Confessional

High on music

Friday, October 17, 2003

The Linkin Park concert on Wednesday night was ... unbelievable. Amazing. Mind blowing. Euphoric. Fantastic. Orgasmic. A celebration of live music.

It was enough proof to me that music is best heard live; in a crowd of anonymous people that share one interest in common and with a band in front on a stage. Music is best experienced when you're sweating and jumping, hands pumping energetically in the air. Music is best experienced with you singing out-screaming the singer, drowning the band with your knowledge of their lyrics (perhaps the best compliment to a musician?). Music is best experienced when you're so caught up in its texture that you just start to float, glide into another realm; you're so high and you're not even taking drugs. In fact, with live music- who needs drugs? Drugs are like the copycats of the whole concert-going experience.

I'm still sort of walking around on sore legs, in a daze. I guess you can pretty much guess that I enjoyed myself thoroughly during the Linkin Park concert, a little bit too much maybe. The band was so great live. I know that some people despise LP because they've gotten mainstream or whatever- but they were fantastic. The energy they put into their performance and the energy they reciprocated from the crowd was nothing short of extraordinary. The stadium was crackling with electricity; our screams could probably be heard all the way to the Petronas Twin Towers. I really can't describe- I suppose its something that you just had to be there. However, I would just like to add that when they played "Faint", it was probably one of the things I would remember all my life. After all, this is my first concert.

We waited at the gates from around 6 pm until like, maybe 8 pm.
Inside the stadium before the show and woohoo- LP! Rob's on the screen.

All the sweaty people, where do they all come from? The aftermath.

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