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Desktop Confessional

Burnt CDs

Friday, October 03, 2003

Exam week usually has me staying up until an unhealthy hour. I have to have some music when I study and so, when Wow FM ends its transmission at 1 a.m., I scour my room- looking for a CD that can change the dark mood that I am always in when I study, and also one that keeps me awake.Yesterday night This morning, I had the good luck of discovering my first ever burned CD. I was kinda giddy because it contained songs that I haven't listened to in a long, long time.

So I put it on, studied Group Communication, and at the same time (yes, I am good at multitasking!) managed to amuse myself with the memories associated with these songs and also with how my musical preference has differed slightly over 3 years. So for today's post, I will attempt to dissect my 15 year old self by using some of those long-forgotten songs as guidelines.

(Warning: self-obsession begins here)

1) "Outside", acoustic version by Aaron Lewis : Gahaha. Yeah I am guilty of going through the predictable angst-y phase. I loved this song, but I didn't quite like Staind. I hated Fred Durst for ruining this song in the middle by saying stupid, dumbass things like, "This is the real motherfucking deal y'all" and "I'm feeling those lighters". Talk about a mood spoiler. I can't even be depressed properly. Tuh.

2)"No Diggity", by Blackstreet : "I like the way you're workin- no diggity!". Can I say hip-hop classic? Still being played in clubs.

3)"Every Me and Every You", by Placebo : You can't not like this song. I got this song off the Cruel Intentions movie soundtrack. At that time, was really into that movie. Imagine Ryan Phillipe driving around in his Porsche along a bridge, heading to the city- and this song as the background. Fwoah. Coolness personified.

4"Turn Me Loose", by Slim Shady and Fred Durst : Wee. I think they were well high when they wrote this. It sounds very trippy. ("I don't make white music, I don't make black music- I make fight music for high school kids")

5)"Drops of Jupiter", by Train : Aww. This is a good love song. I loved the lyrics but then I heard something like.. "Can you imagine no...etc.. deep fried chicken.. Best soy latte that you ever had and me..." and that promptly made me confused. Maybe he was just hungry.

6)"Country Grammar (Hot Shit!)", by Nelly : Heehehhe. No comments.

7)"Bittersweet Symphony", by The Verve : MASSIVE. Love at first sound. The strings just made it all so perfect.

8)"Lady Marmalade", by All Saints : I still maintain that this was the better version. Screw the Moulin Rouge-horror one.

(end of self-obsession)

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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