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Desktop Confessional

Laughter at a restaurant

Thursday, September 25, 2003

So yesterday marked the end of the nightmare that was the Public Speaking Finals. The lecturer commented that she was slightly disappointed at our performances but not too worry, she said, no one will dip below a C. I hope I manage a B+ or an A-. I don't want my entire CGPA to go down because of one lousy speech on my behalf.

After receiving the disappointing news from our lecturer, my friends and I decided to have an early dinner together and mope about our speeches and how scared we were about the results (out this Friday). Somewhere along the conversation, we started talking about horror movies and I heard the funniest thing in a while that totally cheered me up.

You know the Hollywood version of 'The Ring'? Yes, no? Well anyway. There's this part in 'The Ring', perhaps in the last 15 minutes of the show, where the lead actor is all happy and secure in thinking that the horror is over. So he's making coffee or something and then his TV switches on by itself. He turns in slow-mo and we see on his screen, a well. And of course Samara stars crawling from the depths of the well, through his TV screen and then on his floor. He just stands there, numb, not quite believing that he is about to die. And we get to see one of Samara's green, evil eyes and we get to see him recoiling in fear and then we all know what happened next.

So my friend. one fine night, was watching this movie with her brother. They were at the said part when suddenly, the DVD experiences difficulties and stops RIGHT THERE. Yes right there- right at the part where Samara crawls out and we get a shot of her evil, ugly face.

Her brother, who she labeled as a little cowardly, freaked out and said "Oh my God. I think we are going to die in a week." She, being braver, laughed and said "No no.. sure nothing!", and she rewinds the DVD. They watch the crawling part and AGAIN, it stops.

Her brother, even freaked out by now, exclaimed "SEE! SEE! WHY DID YOU REWIND! Now we'll die earlier!! AGUGH!" So she, now thoroughly scared because of her brother's I'm-sure-we're-dying attitude, begins to freak out slightly too. So both, convinced that they are both gonna die within a week, gets a wee bit paranoid.

Like, for one: they found their younger brother watching 'The Ring' the next day and screamed at him, "WHY! WHY ARE YOU SIMPLY WATCHING MOVIES?!". And the innocent one merely wondered what the hell is up with his older siblings.

Two: They were afraid of answering the phone the entire week and kept pushing each other toward the phone when it rang.

Three: SHE WROTE A WILL. Photo albums to her then boyfriend, and her favourite duck to her best friend, money to her younger brother. After she wrote the will (hahahaha), she told her boyfriend, "Hey.. if anything happens to me like in a week or so, there's a letter in my drawer. Can you show it to my parents..."

Of course she didn't die. I would have been laughing with a ghost then. It was just great to let out a genuine, no-holds-barred laugh when I was feeling crappy. Thanks Teng :)

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