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Desktop Confessional

Going down in flames

Friday, September 12, 2003

you'll be so jaded!
you are burnout personified.
rich and succesful,
stressed and overworked.
you loathe men and relationships
with every fiber of your being.

What will you be like 10 to 15 years from now? (girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Lord. What is this (or meh lei keh)? I do not loathe men or relationships. I'm just a little afraid of them at times. But who isn't? Well, I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that I will be rich and successful, heh.

So hello people. How was your week? Mine was hectic, filled to the brim with assignments and various presentations. But the week's over, and so is the workload. I relish the fact that I only have less than 5 more presentations and only one more written assignment to hand in.

The end of the semester is upon us all. I wonder how it all went so fast.

I have to remind myself everyday that it has only been nine months since I was a Mass Comm. student. It feels like I am in my second year. I suppose that is what breaking up the months into semesters can do to a person who still posesses secondary school mentality. They brought in the 'major confirmation' paper today. We're supposed to check if our major is stated correctly, or change the major if we wanted to. I passed the paper on to my friend. I haven't decided yet between Journalism or Advertising. I have until the 26th (I think) of this month. Time for some self-questioning.

My finals are less than 3 weeks away, and after that I am on a break for 3 months (!). I have some stuff planned, but I won't say anything until it's final and I am actually going to do what I am going to do.

My Public Speaking finals, on the other hand, is about 10 days away. I am freaking out. My topic is David Blaine, inspired by what a DJ said one day while I was on my way back from college. As the world and you might already know, Blaine is currently attempting a 44-day survival thing in a plexiglass 7 ft. by 7 ft. box, dangled above the Thames River (if I am right). Apparently, Londoners have taken into disturbing Blaine by throwing eggs and golf balls to wake him up.

Speaking of survival- Survivor 7 is premiering in the US next week! I don't know when they are showing it here but I hope it is soon. After the Amazing Race ended, I am in a reality-TV wasteland. I love reality TV. Perfectly normal people acting perfectly insane on screen, in front of millions. It's nice when you get to see some unscripted idiocy on screen. It makes it all look credible.

John Mayer's new album is not out in Malaysia yet. GRRR. Just when I thought that I would finally have the chance to purchase a new CD- it has not arrived! So, now I have to go back into downloading some of his new songs, but not all because I like to be surprised.

Plus side, going to a play this weekend. Part of my cultural education, no doubt. So far I've only gone for performances at Istana Budaya (classy place), and that was for "Fame" and "The Merchant of Venice". "Fame" was excellent, had a lot of appeal that anyone could enjoy. "The M.O.V" had amazing acting but I haven't read the play before (only Shakespeare work I have read is "Macbeth") so that made it a wee bit difficult for me to really appreciate the language and all.

Dirty secret: I am playing stalker. I have discovered a number of blogs by friends whom I have not spoken to in a while by clicking on random links. It's quite scary because I go in, act all "Oh my Lord- it's (enter name)!", read parts of their life and then LEAVE. As quietly as I got in. I wouldn't want someone to be doing that to me. Ugh- vulnerability, exposure.

It's too much.

"When you gonna make up your mind cause things are gonna change so fast. All the white horses are still in bed. I tell you that I'll always want you near..you say that things change my dear.."
>>Tori Amos, "Winter"

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